Celebrating a good HBA1C / Green Tea


Whoo Hoo! Last week I had my HBA1C taken, and I knew it might be out of kilter because I haven’t been well, plus I had a cortisone shot a few weeks ago. Well. My last HBA1C was 6.2, and this one is too!

I’ve been drinking green tea after meals as I’ve been able to prove to myself that it really does help lower my glucose levels, and it has probably even made a difference with having had the cortisone too. My diabetes education nurse was expecting my journal entries to be full of spikes, but was really impressed that what little spikes there were have all had reasonable explanations.

My current favourite green tea blend for a large (1 litre) pot of tea is 1 regular black tea bag (so I can have some caffeine) and the rest are all green tea bags such as: 2 plain, 1 Chai, 2 Vanilla, and another of assorted flavours such as Lipton Apple, Mandarin or Peach, Celestial Seasoning’s Honey Lemon Ginseng, or assorted mint flavours. I make a large pot and then when I make a cup of tea, it’s with half a cup of hot water, my sweetener, and then I fill the cup with the tea concentrate. One pot lasts me all day and into the next.

What I’d like to know is how Celestial Seasoning’s gets the honey flavour into the Honey Lemon Ginseng green tea. You can really taste the honey and yet it has no carbs or calories. It’s one of my very favourites.


Congrats on a great a1c result!!!


Thanks Stacie!