Quirky Questions

Just a couple of off-beat quesions:

  1. Has anyone had persistently foamy pee? Does it signify anything?

  2. What do you do when you just can’t get your BG down nohow?

  3. Japanese green tea consistently raises my BG by 75 - 100 mg/dl. Anyone know why?

Natalie ._c-

Is Chinese Green Tea the same for you? And do you put any sweetener in your tea, maybe it already has a sweetener in it.

I have been foregoing my evening walk because it has been too hot, and my bg has been higher. Eventually I put 2 and 2 together and realised walking my dog in the evening lowers my bg. Have you tried a little exercise?

  1. not that I’ve noticed. Maybe after 6 or 7 beers?
  2. Take insulin and exercise until it behaves itself. Usually, if it gets a bit elevated, I’ll assume I undercounted carbs and ‘rebolus’, wait maybe 1/2 hour or so and test again or see if the CGM suggests it’s coming around? I hadn’t had this happen with the pump until the other day that I blathered in that thread I started due to a “perfect storm” of big food, bad insulin decision (combining two bottles, one of which may have been pretty old…) and a site that hit an oozer, not a gusher (until I took it out, of course…) but an oozer?
  3. I dunno about that.

I forgot that the other thing I did when I was on MDI w/ R/N was IV R shots. This is, of course EXTREMELY dangerous and your doctor and mine would certainly say “you should not do that!” as 5 or so units would drop me (I think I was maybe 5’ 10" and about 230-275 lbs during that period…) from 300 to 70 in about 1/2 hour, which is faster than I’ve seen the pumped 'log work. It is rather uncomfortable and if you mess around with that, you should definitely make sure you have tons of test strips and a significant heap of glucose readily available.

Never had foamy urine, but there was a discussion about this. Wish I could remember who posted it. Maybe search could find it.

You mean after ranting & having a meltdown? I drink lots of water, take a fast paced walk (helps chill the frustration) & take 1-2 units every 1-2 hours. Found this works better for me than large revenge corrections. When this fails, I have one or two glasses of red wine & take a hot bath. Dry wine lowers my BG.

Green tea has caffeine & is a diuretic. This may account for your rise. Even slight dehydration raises my BG & caffeine effects BG for many.

No, the tea doesn’t have any sweeteners in it so far as I know – it doesn’t taste sweet. And I drink it straight, just like the Japanese (which is where I learned to like it).

Guzzling water always helps me lower my bg

About the green tea thing: Most green teas have caffeine, and caffeine will raise most people’s blood sugars, even if there are no sugars attached to them. I have this same problem when I drink diet coke. :slight_smile:

1 Noticed that yesterday not sure what to make of it. Not a frequent occurence.

2- I have injected near lethal amounts of insulin in frustration and I did not die the BG was still a bit high. “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.”

3- Does it have tonnes of caffeine? Sometimes my BG goes to the moon and other times little effect with caffeine

foamy urine…maybe some protein in the urine was my first thought


Yes, I have the same with coffee. I usually give a small bolus ( for about 5g of carb) to cover the raise caused by caffeine.

  1. I know that people with diabetes can have proteinuria, it’s usually caused by inflammation in the glomeruli. Try reducing your intake of protein and salt and see if that helps. ’

  2. You already know what I do…lots of water and lots of exercise.

  3. Thats odd…no idea…I’ve only read about green tea lowering blood sugar.

Not going to do THAT! It finally did come down, and then went right back up again – with no food, and I’ve been riding a rollercoaster for 2 days now. It could be because I’m not eating very much, and the liver is going wonky, and so the plan for the moment is to eat a little better tomorrow, and see if that calms it down.
Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

I do sometimes notice foamy pee at home and started worrying about my kidneys - I am a bit of a hypochondriac and D does not help this in any way!! But my kidney functions have been regularly checked for more than 10 years now and nothing has been flagged up yet. I then realized that it was only foamy in the toilet at home. So maybe it’s a function of toilet design?

Well, I looked it up, and it’s a definite possibility, although not a happy one. It only started after my coma, which resulted in acute kidney failure; I wonder whether there was some actual damage to my kidneys. Anyway, I will have a test at the end of February, and that should shed some light on the situation. I also started a reduced carb diet at the same time, and have been eating more protein than I had before.
Meanwhile, I will try to drink a lot more fluids because dehydration can be a cause. I’m hoping that turns out to be the cause. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

To those who mentioned caffeine – I usually drink milk tea (black), and I always rise 75-100 mg/dl after that, but I attributed it to the milk. Maybe caffeine is contributing, and I just didn’t know it. I’ll try a unit or two for the green tea and see what happens! Thanks for all your help! :slight_smile:

Part of my problem before my coma was that I was afraid to dose high amounts of insulin. Afraid of severe hypoglycemia. Now I know that I was having insulin resistance due to high BGs, and probably needed more insulin. I blame my ex-endo for not guiding me through it.

I am also afraid that I may have done permanent kidney damage because I went into acute kidney failure. I just hope not.

Green tea does have caffeine, and that may be the answer.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Could be – I hope you’re right!
Natalie ._c-

I drink 2-3 glasses of water, bolus, and get right into the sauna (or any equivalent exercise that would make me sweat it out)
The sauna can lower my BS by up to 200 if i get in for 20-30 minutes

Dr. Bernstein mentions a study that shots > 7U of insulin have problems being absorbed, the fluid dynamics of the “bubble” of insulin or something like that and mentioned that he got smoother results for his patients taking larger shots by splitting them up into multiple shots? When I read that I was taking maybe 30-35U of N so that would be 5 shots but, although the pump was in the works when I reread his book, I tried that out a couple of times and I think that it did sort of smooth things out? I presume you’d have a similar problem with a heapin’ helpin’ of pumped insulin so it might be interesting to split a 10U bolus into 7U pumped and a 3U injection? I’m not sure if that would help in those situations but the other peril about taking a big shot that is absorbed slowly is that it still will come ouf of the woodwork, just later. This, in turn, aids and abets the situation where your BG won’t come down and contributes to the rollercoastering as multiple larger doeses are stacked up and hit you after they are supposed to b/c the insulin isn’t being absorbed, if that makes sense?