CGM for Animas users in Canada?

Good Morning everyone. Thank you to all of you who contribute to this forum. Although I haven't communicated much, I have been held up (many days) by the contributions made by you all!

Our daughter will be 7 very soon and has been conquering T1 since she was 4 years old. She has been on the Animas ping for 2 years and we are happy with the pump. Our daughter is small for her age, eats very little and is very insulin sensitive. We found the pump helped us to match the insulin to her appetite very nicely and we love the low dosage capabilities. We struggled with random high sugars (with the pump), and with help from Animas realized that because of her low basal needs, air bubbles in the tubing would have impacted her Blood Sugar. Because her basal is set very low, especially at night, one little air bubble might represent her entire dosage for many hours. We began to "de bubble" her line each night before bed. (This meant filling the cartridge to capacity at each set change) The change in her sugars was remarkable. Only then were we able to really see how her body was using food and insulin and make the necessary changes to her carb/ratios; basal settings; and insulin sensitivity. We are continuing to learn, and I must say that I have learned a lot from all of you and I hope that I can encourage a family as well.

I know this is a round about way to open a discussion, but I am looking for advice on CGMS. I am just getting up to speed on what is available and I have heard that the DEXCOM 7 has not yet been approved in Canada. I am wondering if we should wait for this to happen or entertain adding another product (medtronic guardian) to use with our Animas pump. The reason we are looking for a CGM is for me-as at the moment I happen to be my daughter's continuous glucose MOM Meter! I check at midnight, 2 or 5 am at the moment. (She runs low sometimes at 2 and sometimes at 5) Even on nights that I don't set my alarm, I wake up at these times because I have been doing it for 2 years! She is so worth it, but the effects of poor sleep are creeping up on me. I know the CGM isn't a perfect solution, but I am guessing that it could possibly cut out one of the checks during the night. I look forward to your responses! T1 Mom

If you can, I would suggest waiting to see if the Dexcom 4 will be available - it is the next generation Dexcom CGM. It just may beet the Seven to approval because I believe that the Seven will be discontinmued. Anyway, since you are happy with the Ping, Dexcom and Animas will introduce an integrated pump with the Dexcom 4 as an element. The new pump - called the Animas Vibe - jsut went tothe US FDA. It has been used successfully in Europe for a while now. I went ahead and bought a new Dexcom 4 (it is due any day now) because I use CGM alot - even though I'm adult I am small and insulin sensitive and CGM helps that a lot! I figure I'kk upgrade to the Vibe when it gets the FDA approval.

My understanding is that the Animas Vibe was submitted to Health Canada a while ago and they are waiting for approval. So the Animas Vibe could be approved tomorrow or next year. It is frustrating... I have a son who has been T1 for 7 years, so I understand your lack of sleep.

Yes it sure sounds like the vibe is what we want!

Is your son on a cgm at this time?

Not at this time. We know a couple of families who were using the Medtronic CGM and they were not happy and found the sensor very uncomfortable. With that said, I hear the new Medtronic Enlite sensors are way more comfortable and accurate, as is the Dexcom. When my insurance will pay for his new pump we will purchase a CGM.

I am also T1 and I am considering buyng the Veo wih the Enlite sensors for myself. I am not sure if I want to wait for the Vibe.

We are facing a similar dilemma. I think I am going to wait a bit and see what happens with the Dexcom and Vibe at Health Canada. It is hard to wait, for sure.