CGM is on its way!

I am so darn excited! I got a call that my CGM should arrive by Monday!!! I feel like a kid in a candy store! i’ll be able to find out whats going on between finger sticks! What was your reaction when you found out it was being shipped and when you got it???

BE careful…Amy! NOt a T1 kid in a candy store, that would be a bit frustratig! The day I was trained was perhaps the most exciting day of my life! The next few months can be both exciting and frustrating both, be paieint, calm, and talk to your peers/supporters here at TU and it will all be great for you, I am sure! good lluck and PEACE

I feel like a kid in a candy store. I’m so frustrated now because between fingersticks I cant understand why I am high or drop, etc. When I go to sleep my levels are high and when i wake up, its still high! I get even more frustrated as to how to get that number down. With the CGm I can have the mystery solved :slight_smile:

You are right, for the most part, but rememberj, the CGM is just another tool to help you get to where you want, and it is NOT a perfect one at that! (not trying to curb your enthusiasm, just keeping it real). The Dex has quite a few “problems” with it (especially overnight, I personally found). Just keep in touch, and stay informed!

Congratulations! I actually had the Navigator before the Dexcom so when the Dexcom was approved, it wasn’t as “exciting” as when I had the call about the Navigator.

One of the best things that I learned here was don’t put a calibration in if your BS is moving up or down. You don’t have to put it in as soon as the receiver tells you it wants one. You can get better readings if you wait until your BS is stable for about 15 minutes before doing the calibration.

for me its just a nice way for me to keep a tab on whats going on. I’ll feel better to see what foods are spiking my levels and whats taking its sweet time, etc. I am just thankful that it can help me so when I am on a pump, I have tools to help me be better about diabetes

I’ve read about the calibrations and looking forward to those. Just can’t wait to better manage and understand what my body is doing with food, etc

I agree with Kelly WPA. It’s kinda like a guide dog: You gots-ta train it right. And find a place to put it where your interstitial fluid is a-flowing and you’re not jostling the sensor too much. Make sure that the sensor is stuck there, real good! In my experience, bad placement results in “???” [where Dex is saying “no comprendo, amiga!”] or just gives you off readings.

ahhh so seeing ???=sensor not there. Got it