Hey everyone. I'm excited to announce that my new endo has begun the process of getting me a CGM. I filled out the initial paperwork and my doc faxed it out to the local Dexcom rep. My question is, in general, how long is this going to take? I know each circumstance is a bit different but I am just wondering if I am going to be strung along for awhile, or if I might have a CGM very soon.

I was told the rep has to contact my insurance before she contacts me. And that is all I've been told so far.

That's great Tamra, I think it took at least a couple of weeks maybe for me, I can't remember now. I hope you get it soon :-)

Keep us posted. I am going to the doctor monday i want to get one…

I have United Health Care and knew within a week and had the device in two weeks.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

I got my Dexcom 15 days ago and that is just about how long it took from the day I called the local Dexcom rep to the day I was in my Endo's office picking up my Dexcom and a months worth of supplies. It might have been 16 days total, I can't remember for sure which day I made the phone call.

Luckily the CDE (Nurse) that I see in my Endocrinologists office had a time slot open up the day after my device arrived. Hopefully you will be just as lucky.

Well, it's been eleven days since we faxed off the paperwork. I have the reps contact info, I guess I'll give her a call on Monday and make the inquiry. I'm just feeling impatient and excited. I know a CGM will help a ton and I want to get on with better control of my BG.

It took me about 3 weeks, the Dexcom rep was great getting everything I needed in order. I ended up submitting printouts from my meter that showed BG excursions including quite a few lows which I don’t feel and it was ok’d quickley after the insurance company got those. You will learn a lot, it’s a wonderful tool!

Congratulations! I received mine a week ago and the process took no longer than a week. I have BCBS.

Also, forgot to add. I know the new receiver is coming out in March. Dexcom is offering the Dexcom Share cradle for free (regularly is $199). Got mine in the mail in 3 days. I am able to share my BG with my wife while I'm traveling on the road. Remember, it only shares on the cradle. Good luck to you.

With the new receiver, you will be able to share without the cradle (and without all the extra rigamarole needed for Nightscout). Yaay! Can’t wait!

Got the news that my insurance covers a CGM 100%! I'm getting a CGM!!!!

Congrats! Watching a CGM is a real eye-opener.

I encourage you to do what few CGMers do, upload and analyze your data on a regular basis. You can learn so much more than just real-time monitoring. Become the world's leading expert on your metabolism!