CGMS Arrived!

The cgms arrived on Friday and we are going for training on Sunday. :slight_smile:

Thats great I love mine.

Congratulations. I hope eventually i will be getting one too.

Cool! I am not sure if I would benefit from one, I love my OneTouch UltraSmart meter! My sugars tend to hover high then low, I have had a few hypo days where I was low but very rare for me

You go girl! I love my Dexcom.

Congratulations! I just got trained on mine yesterday…Day 2 and it’s going well. It’s truly amazing to watch the trendlines. Every 5 min. you get a new number! They’ll explain it all to you, but keep in mind that this is really to be used to analyze trends, and not really a way to check your BG accurately. If you’re feeling funny, you still need to do a meter BG, and you’ll need to calibrate the CGMS 3-4 times a day using selected meter BG’s. I can’t wait to run my first set of reports…should be very educational! Do you know if there a CGMS group set up here yet?