Dexcom G6 > Medtronic Enlite?

The Medtronic sensors are terrible. If I stay in perfect regimented control they can be decent. If I have any glucose variability, stress, or atypical meals where I need a CGM to warn me, the Enlite sensors are useless.

Can I expect a better experience with Dexcom G6?

I’ve only ever used Dexcom CGMs, starting back in 2009. I am a satisfied long-term customer holding back at the G4 model (505 algorithm). I’m sure the G6 will perform well. We’ll soon be reading many G6 reports as Dexcom is shipping out a lot of G6’s right now.

I agree that MM Enlites aren’t great (understatement). I have the G5, as does my wife. We’ve had them for 9 months and couldn’t be more impressed with their accuracy. While I won’t get to use the G6 for some time (Medicare), I doubt that the G6 would be any less stellar. I rarely use my meter any more, and I used to check more than 15x a day, for decades. That says it all, IMO. :slight_smile:

Dexcom G5 works wonders for me. I love it. I haven’t tried the Medtronic sensors, but I’ve read a decent number of negative reviews. I don’t see those as much with the Dexcom.

I have read that people with very little body fat can have trouble with the accuracy of their readings on the Dex. I assume that would also be true for the Medtronic sensors.

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I was a Medtronic user for many years and tried their CGM sensors on and off during that time frame. Just couldn’t get the numbers right and the alarms and false readings drove me crazy.
I currently use G4 mainly due to getting them free in my clinical studies. But I know a few who are using the G6 and they love it and have been very impressed with how accurate it is when they check it. And person has not check blood sugars in weeks. What a thought?!

18 month check-in.

Dexcom G6 delivers on all fronts. Thumbs up. Medtronic is way behind.