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While Nightscout is “homegrown”, users are reporting excellent performance, particularly parents working with schools, coaches, grandparents and other folks helping with the kids. I went to coffee with some moms using it last summer and it was eerie how user moms were laid back, keeping an eye on things and not engaged in the txting deal the non-users were having. I have no interest in either as no one bothers with my data but I think both products look neat. But I’ll concede the Apple watch is a shade neater…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is it true that the Apple Watch dexcom display will only work within Bluetooth range of both the iPhone and the Dexcom receiver?

For me, the main benefit of a watch display would be to avoid having to carry a Dex receiver or phone everywhere I go (ie at the gym, work meetings, social situations where I’d like to leave purse and electronics in another room).

Maybe the G5 Dexcom will make this possible if Dexcom finally creates an Android Ap. Does anyone know if the Pebble can receive data and run Aps without direct communication with a phone?

I think I might want this so when I’m teaching I could just look at my watch. I wonder though if everyone would wonder why I’m constantly checking my watch- and I wonder if it will be harder to see/ read than dex is? I assume the share feature would let us leave dex at home? How does that work exactly? How would we do calibrations?

The Dexcom receiver is the part that has the built-in bluetooth to enable communication with your phone, so you’ll have to have it with you all the time.

Essentially to have it display on your watch, the process is like this:

(Dexcom Transmitter) --> (Dexcom Receiver with Share) --> (iPhone) --> (iWatch)

If this is accessible with VoiceOver (screen reader built into all iDevices), then I’ll be getting it in a heartbeat. Except, since we don’t have Share in Canada, that’s not an option for me until the G5 comes out (unless Share comes to Canada before then, but i doubt it will).

Actually, once I think about it, if the Dexcom app is accessible on the watch then it probably would be on the iPhone as well. So I can’t say I’d necessarily get the watch over the iPhone. But I really hope both apps are accessible - it would literally be the first accessible diabetes device ever outside of glucose meters (a grand total of 3-4 of them that have been on the market in the past 20 years).

See above. For me it’s about the ability to monitor my blood sugar without having to reveal to the world that that is what I’m doing.


  1. Why doesn’t Canda have Share yet? That’s no good!

  2. The Apple Watch works WITH the iPhone. It’s basically an extension of the iPhone. In other words - the watch does;t work without an iPhone - you have to have BOTH.

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Perhaps with all these phones, Dexcoms, Droids for Nightscout,etc, we will need to start wearing vests. Like Han Solo…


Thanks Rich, Too bad, but still it seems like it could be helpful… too bad they can’t figure out a way to calibrate the watch. Do you need a data package for this to work or is it just blue tooth?

I am looking for cargo pants with multiple pockets!

Not sure why Canada doesn’t have Share. My guess is that they’re going to just skip Share and go straight to the G5, which I’ve heard is coming out next year.

I have an iPhone already. So what I meant is that I’m not sure I would buy an Apple Watch just to have CGM on my wrist (particularly if I’d still have to have my phone with me, what’s the point then?).

  1. You’re wearing it.

  2. Someone at the gym noticed me checking my sugar on my huge 6Plus, and that didn’t thrill me. On the watch I am hoping it will be virtually not noticeable.

So you don’t need to have them on you at the same time? Why do you need the phone to use the watch, then?

About $2,000 to $3,000 more than I’m willing to pay for an Apple Watch.

Re Mee’s comment about pants with pockets, I’ve had very good luck with pants by Kuhl, I have a couple of pairs. I always like pants with a dedicated cell phone pocket but some of the Kuhl’s have a zippered “stash pocket” along the thigh that’s big enough to hold a meter, or at least a One Touch UltraMini. I’m not sure if they have similar features in their women’s pants but it might be worth checking into. The extra schlepping ability is awesome!!

I just realized that Dexcom with Share doesn’t require another piece of hardware. I was thinking at some point this required some type of cradle to put your receiver into. This is very exciting.

Technically, the iPhone is unnecessary. The watch could connect directly to the Dexcom via bluetooth, and display data directly on the watch.

However, Apple and Dexcom didn’t write the software this way. The centerpiece of the application seems to be the share feature, which requires network access, and this is only possible through the phone. Displaying BG data on the iWatch is an add-on, not a core feature.

Not meaningful for the visually impaired.

Chris Snider of the Just Talking Podcast interviewed a Dexcom software engineer last week and you might want to listen to the interview:

I listen to Just Talking through iTunes, but the link above lets you listen on your computer or other device.

In the interview they talk about Apple Watch versus Pebble, Apple vs. Android, etc. and etc. Eventually it will come to all devices and they are hiring teams for Android, watch devices, etc.

Longterm I am waiting for the Dexcom G5 which will remove the need for a receiver and go directly to a phone.

Thanks Acid- I will look at those!

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