CGMing and still fighting for a pump

I normally hate Mondays but today is different. My CGM is making its way to my boyfriend’s house as we speak. What time it will arrive is the question. I cant wait to get started on the device and just have a deeper understanding to my Diabetes. I have emailed the Dexcom rep at Joslin on Friday and haven’t heard back. I emailed the rep that I have been asking questions to via email to see if I had the right email addie. And of course explained that I really want to get it started.

Now the pump on the other hand is another story. My DE told me in 6-8 momths we can start thinking about the pump. I remember her telling me my A1C has to be at 8% which is at 7.2%. She also told me I would have to go back on Lantus and Humalog. Now, the reason why I switched from that to the Humalog 75/25 mix was 4 shots a day was stressing me out big time. I'll remind my dr on the 22nd of this and why we went with the 2 shots a day. Now, I want my life to be simpler. I also want more freedom as well. I know the pump will help me stay on target and will help me be more free. I will stick with my 45 to 60 grams of carbs but its nice to know I can go a bit over if I want to. the pump will be on my side. Its been almost 4 years since I've been diagnosed and was going back and forth on the pump since 2007. I have done my research, and have the tools and knowledge to make the choice now. Plus I work a part time job right now. 6-8 months from now I could be at a perm job and may not be able to take the time off that is needed. NOW is the time. I CAN take that time off or schedule the time on my days off. I rather do it now than later. Also, 6-8 months my A1C can be above 8% and then I wont be able to go on it until it goes down! I want it now.

The only issue I have with the pump is that which one to go with. I am leaning towards Animas as it has a carb directory in the meter. This can be helpful. But medtronics has more skins to choose from, where I can be my own person. But Animas has different colors infusion sets. I have the business card from the Animas rep and will email him this week with more questions. Also, Animas sent info asap and a follow up letter was sent. Medtronics took almost a month to get the info to me. And no follow up. So I may go with Animas. I did join their group on here and do enjoy reading the threads. The reason why I went with Dexcom is because a rep emailed me asap to see if I have gotten the info and if I have any questions. I asked if I can email as I dont hear well on the phone and she said that is fine. So I am glad they are hearing impaired friendly. So I decided with the Dex which I want to arrive now. So as far as pump goes, it depends on which is suitable for me.

So I sit and wait till the CGM arrives or will check when I return from the road test. And of course, I'll continue to fight for my pump!

My 13 year old daughter is getting put on CGM tomorrow.I got the orders today from her endo and faxed them to Medtronics. Now let’s see how long is the wait for it.