Changes to the Admin Team, Fall 2009

We have two important changes to announce in our community regarding our administrative team.

First of all, our beloved Jaimie Hernandez is stepping down from her role on the team temporarily as demands on her time turn her attention to other things. She will continue in her role as a social ambassador for the Diabetes Hands Foundation in southern California, organizing meet-ups and making friends in her area from TuDiabetes. Thank you, Jaimie, for your many months of dedicated volunteering on the team!

Secondly, we are thrilled to announce that Teena Swager will be the newest member of our extraordinary team of administrators here at TuDiabetes. We want to thank Teena for coming on board! Please stop by her profile page and congratulate her!

The admins make so many things happen behind the curtains so that our community can continue to be the place we all love to participate in and come back to. Teena joins Kristin, Scott, myself, and founders Manny & Andreina in keeping our community safe, friendly, vital, and vibrant.

Go, Teena!

What a great addition to the wonderful admin team! Congrats to Teena!

congrats!! Teena

Congrats Teena and thanks for taking on this role!

It’s been a great honor working with you the past few months as an admin. We’re here for you, amiga!


Welcome to the team!!

Good news to have Teena on the Admin Team and wish Jaimie well in her next endeavers.

Jaimie, thanks for your service, both past and future. You have been great and us users appreciate your efforts.

Teena, thanks for joining the admin team. we users appreciate that you agreed to serve our little corner of the internet.

rick phillips

Jaimie, at least I know where to find you on Twitter :slight_smile: Very much appreciate the warmth and humor with which you’ve blessed tudiabetes!

Teena, thank you for donating your time to our community and congrats on your expanded role!