I am new to Omnipod so please bear with me. I had to change out my PDM due to some question of reliability. Anyway, I just changed it out, put a new pod on and every so often I'm hearing a single beep emit from the pod. I look at the PDM and there is no message there. Any idea what is causing this beep and will it stop?

Probably the new PDA has the "Confidence alerts" turned on in settings/alerts page. The confidence alerts cause the pod to emit a single beep when a temp basal ends , or a bolus finishes delivery ,etc. You can turn those off in the settings/alerts page. It could also be one of the other alerts on this page - bolus reminders, etc.

PS You may wish to join the Omnipod users group on tudiabetes and post such questions there, where they are more likely to be seen by other Omnipod users.

Other things that cause single beeps : If you suspend insulin delivery completely, the pod will beep periodically to warn you you've turned off all insulin. I don't think you can turn this off.

The pod will also beep periodically after expiration for the remaining 8 hours to warn you to change the pod, but since you just changed the pod, this doesn't seem likely.

I feel like such an idiot! I had not deactivated my old pod which was programmed by the old PDM. It had started doing double beeps every 15 minutes so I called the support line. It’s Monday, what can I say.

I appreciate your responses and help so much!!! THank you!