Chat Room Etiquette

Oh dear....I was chatting with yet another member who has mentioned
that he has not been greeting and replied to in the Chat Area.
Quite a few of us have experienced that, unfortunately.
I must say, it's rather easily get caught up in a're
firing responses and did not catch the latest member to come in.'ve left the chat momentarily...but your name is still displayed. come into the Chat...and forget to greet everyone.'re busy typing away, and you cannot type worth your weight,
if your eyes are not glued to the keys (me).
However, if a member comes or not, and has greeted and attempted to
make nice, respond. Scroll back to see who popped in.
Not everyone entering the chat area is confident
enough to point out that no one has responded...
some just don't want to make waves.
The chat is for everyone....we greet new comers with a comment informing them of
said Chat Room...and members are reminded of the availability of that feature when they
receive a birthday message.
Note to self....I will remember to look up once in a while and see who has sneaked in while
I'm happily tap-tapping away.
Have a superb week everyone!!!

linda, you're right, we all make that mistake.i've been ignored, too, but, i also welcome people i've nver seen before.

Good reminder Linda, thanks! Gotta say, everyone usually does a great job; I'll be paying better attention ;)

good point linda! I try to pay more attention! the glued to the eyes kepboard u sue ur not talking about me lol???

oh the misspelling that's me too lol

I agree with Linda's post. It is sooo important that a person be heard. Especially new people who are scared (like myself) or just need someone to talk to to ease their worry. The other day I was talking to someone and posted someone think I would get a response and sat and sat and waited and waited until I finally just exited the chat. A simple, brb, or I am leaving now would be so much nicer than wondering if the responder is going to respond. I find it rude, moreso when you are talking to just one person and no one else is around chatting. I get that we get lost when there are a lot of people chatting and the room is busy, but one on one, nope gotta say that is rude.

Let's not forget what a GREAT job we do too. Also, people sometimes wander away from their computers to do laundry or other 'real life' stuff. I'm sure I don't always say I'm leaving if there are a bunch of people there :)

Oh yes indeed pup...undisputed! The chat is an awesome place....and well monitored. It's not at all about doing "real things" and carrying on.

I love chat. I love the support I have gotten being on chat. And yes, all the people there are caring and supportive. I have left chat a calmer, more serene person knowing that whatever I am going thru, others have gone thru the same thing. Nice to know I am not alone in my issues with Diabetes. I am so grateful for this site. So grateful..

hi jeanettephx
i feel the same
i am so glad you joined
perfect place to be

I am natural extrovert online and have no problem announcing, nor re-announcing my presence. I say hi to everybody immediately if I am not in the midst of a composing a sentence.. We can try to remember to say at least "hi". However, As Linda noted,everyone has different personality types AND comfort levels. We are here to help each other by LISTENING, RESPONDING, COMMISERATING, and even BONDING
Pup is right:the Tudiabetes chat room is great.

God Bless,