Check out my new tattoo!

Hope everyone had a great day! I just want to share a picture of my brand new tattoo that I got today, I am soooo excited about how great it turned out! I promise I will write a blog post soon with all the details of why I chose this tattoo as well as an update on how I am healing. I will post better pictures when it is healed up, I just can’t wait that long!

Nice, very cute!

wow! That is pretty cute!

i love it soo much!

I love that! Hello Kitty with insulin!

Thanks for all the great comments. It took me a couple of months to come up with a good concept for this tat. I actually think that I am going to start working on getting a back piece now that I have found a really good artist to work with. I have a ton of ideas so I am now starting to narrow down the field and put a concept together.


I think that is the cutest diabetic tattoo ive seen. Im not on insulin but if i do get on insulin i want a tatoo to show that im a diabetic.

thanks for the comment on my blog :slight_smile:
the hello kitty is so cute!!!