Sweet tooth!

I have the worst sweet tooth ever! I especially have a thing for dark chocolate…or any kind of chocolate really. So I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for low carb snacks that are sweet enough to satisfy people like me.
I have a pump so I guess it really doesn’t matter if I eat a ton of carbs or not, but I still spike sometimes…and I don’t want to become huge from my love of sweets either. What does everyone else eat when they are having a craving?

There are those low carb or sugar free sweets, but they tend to make me sick so I stay away from them. I think straight dark chocolate should be pretty good by itself. I think it’s funny but I used to hate sweets before I became a diabetic. I crave anything sweet now!

I could live on 70% or 85% cocoa chocolate (preferably Lindt). I used to find it very bitter, but now even the 70% tastes too sweet. And the best bit is that the 85% doesn’t noticeably affect my BS, and it’s low(er) in fat too!

wow me too. Before I was diabetic I would never eat anything sweet. Not that I was trying to healthy, but I just did not like sweet things. I would have much rathered a piece of fruit than candy. I have been like that since I was a kid. Then after I was diagnosed I just craved candy. I think it is one of those “I cant have it so now its the only thing I want” type of things.

Back on subject now… Jello makes these 100 calorie chocolate pudding packs that have about 13 carbs. That usually does the trick for me.

I have a sweet tooth too… it is my weak spot… specially pastries…
I guess the clue is portion control… although when I am stressed out, I don’t follow my advise. Shame on me!

With or without diabetes, it is always important to be portion conscious.

One thing I can eat without taking insulin is Peanutbutter M&Ms. They don’t make my sugar spike at all. I wouldn’t say they are the best sweet in the world either. They are loaded with fat. I’d much rather eat chocolate.

Angela, Don’t deprive yourself all the time dark chocolate in not that high in carbs. I like to get the chocolate chips for cookies whitch come in dark or simi sweet which I like the best. check the bags you will find they don’t have many more carbs tham the sugar free sweets. I also like Bob’s stripes soft pepprmint 3 pcs is 15 carbs I use them a lot for lows.

I like to have a chocolate chip granola bar or one of those sweet and salty peanut or almond bars, they are good for lows too.

The sweetest thing I eat regularly is peanut butter, which I tend to… just eat a spoonful of sometimes hehe

I frequently eat the “Snickers” nutrition bars or energy bars… They are sweet enough without sugar alcohols and are high in fiber and vitamins (something candy doesn’t have) …for me these are the closest thing to a candy bar… I find them at Wal-mart in the Pharmacy dept along with all the other nutrition/diet bars and I have also found them at some service stations… I agree with others; there are times when you just have to indulge on the good stuff. I find if I give into my cravings on occasion, I actually have fewer cravings! I also agree with Andreina, portion control is so important. For me portion control is the biggest reason I avoid sweets , not carbs; I just can’t stop!! I miss the days while baking cookies I did not need to ever count how many cookies I ate as I took them from the oven…not to mention the cookie dough I ate before they went in…

Ive been sugar free for over six years since being diagnosed with type 1. Even though I’ve had a transplant and can eat whatever I want I still don’t eat sugar because I don’t like it anymore. There are several gourmet sugar-free chocolates that are very good. DeBrand’s Chocolates here in Fort Wayne makes the best. I also use Nestle sugar-free chocolate powder so I drink more milk. It’s wonderful. Take care. Colleen

If you have a pump and count your carbs correctly, what difference does it make? I don’t eat a lot of sweets, but I have a LOT harder time bolusing accurately for pizza or pasta than I do for a chocolate!!
I HATE the “sugar free” ones- they give me gas, and why would I want to eat something that’s going to spike my blood sugar in 3-4 hours when the sugar alcohols are finished processing, rather than a nice simple sugar that’s going to process about as quickly as my insulin hits.
That said, other than the occasional chocolate-I eat a ridiculously healthy diet, so I think it balances out.
Have your chocolate, bolus accordingly, eat healthy otherwise and exercise!!