What kind of infusion set do you use?

What kind of infusion set do you use?

I’m mainly curious. I’m not planning on switching. But it’s been pointed out to me that a lot of people do not manually insert their infusion sets.

I used Comfort Shorts and now I use VariSoft (which is the same, just by Tandem.)

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1998 when I was 2 and I’ve had an insulin pump since 2004. (I’m 23.) Since 2004, I’ve used Animas pumps and I never had any complaint about Animas (so, obviously I was saddened when the went out of business). I switched to Tandem because they seemed great and because I could continue using a Dexcom CGM (and G4 to G6 is an upgrade). Tandem is great.

All of this rambling is just to say this: I’m curious. I don’t mind inserting an infusion set without the press of a button. Manual insertion is what I’ve always done. But I’ve heard about steel needles and other things recently and I wonder how many of you use those kinds of sets.

And maybe this thread will help any of you who are trying to figure out which set works for you. That would be a nice outcome of my first posted topic. :slight_smile:

Medtronic QuickSet for me. I have used others but my go to is QuickSet.

Note: I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things about Medtronic devices or the company. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that.

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I currently use quicksets with inserter, last 10 years or so.
Started pump in 1996, and used angled silhouettes, before QS were available. Manual insertion at first, and later used device to insert silhouettes around 1999.

Have tried samples of mio and sof-set, but find quick sets work best for me.

Also used inserter (auto jector) for syringe injections, before pump. This helped with using hard to reach alternative locations.

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Quick Sets since starting on a pump over 7 years ago.

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New Medtronic user since 5/2019. Had to switch from Animas. I much prefer the quickset but have tried without success the silhouette. The silhouettes only last 1-2 days for reasons I don’t understand. Medtronic is unwilling to trade the silhouettes for the quicksets even though they don’t expire until 12/2021. I received them in June. I have 5 boxes of the silhouettes and I guess I’ll just donate them to my endo’s office.

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Medtronic Mio, Animus Inset, Tandem T90/Autosoft sets.

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I use Medtronic Quickset and insert manually. Have the 630G pump and a Dex5. [Half the time I get the letters and #s wrong but the 630 is correct]

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All the people using the quickset, do you have the tubing disconnect during the day even though I hear the click when attaching after a shower. I do wear my shirts tucked in.

I currently use the Medtronic Silhouette model angled plastic cannula infusion set. I insert it using the SilSerter device. Over the years I’ve used many different styles and brands going back to 1987 with the MiniMed SofSets, a teflon cannula 90 degree set.

I’ve used Quicksets and for many years during my Animas pump era, the Inset 30, an angled plastic cannula with a built-in inserter.

When I started to experience poor and uneven absorption with my Inset 30’s. I experimented with many styles including the steel cannula type similar to the Sure-Ts. While the steel cannulas were easy to insert and movable if you hit a tender spot, I could not get more than 48 hours out of them and often felt sore at the site within 24 hours.

I’ve been using the MiniMed Silhouette with the 43 inch tubing and 13mm cannula length since November 2016 when I started on Loop with my MiniMed 722 pump. This set has delivered some of the most consistent absorption and dependable results in all my years of pumping.


When I first started pumping over 12 years ago I used Cleo sets because my first pump was a Deltec Cozmo and came with some sample Cleo sets. They came with a disposable inserter, but you still had to press down to insert (basically the same as the Libre inserter today).

I switched to Comfort sets because they were so much smaller to carry around and wasted less plastic. I did manual insertion since there was no inserter available. I began reacting to plastic sets, so for a while tried all different varieties of plastic sets before deciding they wouldn’t work for me.

I switched to Contact Detach in 2011 and have been using them until recently. Again, they were manually inserted since there was no inserter available. For some reason insertions began bothering me a year or two ago. Not all the time, but quite often they would hurt like heck. Since the steel sets require changing every 24 hours, I got seriously burned out of manual insertions and began to dread them.

I recently switched from my Animas (which I’d used for eight years) to the YpsoPump. The only set that works with the YpsoPump is the Orbit. So I’ve been using the Orbit Micro steel sets for about two weeks now, and so far am loving them. They come with a reusable inserter, and they are a thinner gauge than other steel sets (31 gauge instead of 29 gauge). I’ve had two sets occlude, but one appeared to be Fiasp clogging the tubing (which I’ve heard is a problem) and one appeared to be my own body (my body can react to steel sets and cause a blockage, even though that’s near impossible for most people). So far, changing sites almost daily, I have yet to feel anything during insertion with the inserter. I did have to manually insert one day at work when I didn’t have the inserter with me, and man, I am so glad to not have to do that for every site anymore!


My tubing on the QuickSet has never disconnected without me actually twisting the connection

DonR, Just saw the question about the quickset disconnecting at the site. No, but I am careful to keep a good loop of tubing curled inside my clothing. I wear mine on abdomen always, above and below waistband. CGM on both arms.

Teflon sets never worked well for me. After 6 weeks with Animas Ping and teflon I switched to CONTACT DETACH a steel infusion set and had no issues in 10 years.

18 months ago I switched to a MEDTRONIC 530 using the SURE T set and continue with absolutely no problems.

The ONLY difference between a CONTACT D and SURE T is the pump connector. (and packaging) so it was a VERY EASY transition.

I DON’T like the insertion device found on many infusion sets!

Manually inserting a stainless steel infusion set is no more difficult than using a syringe.

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All the people using the quickset, do you have the tubing disconnect during the day even though I hear the click when attaching after a shower.

I’ve it happen, rarely. But I completely solved it by taking care to insert the quickset with the tube pointing in a direction where a tug on the tube will not be unscrewing the connector. So, for instance, if my quickset is on the right side of my belly and the pump is on my left, I don’t want the tube pointing down when I insert the quickset, because pulling on the pump and tube would twist the connector in the unlock direction. In this case I’d have the connector pointing horizontally towards my belly button, so when I tuck the tube under the waistband of my underpants, any downward pull would twist the quickset connector in the locking direction.

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Appreciate all of the replies and suggestions. I thought about making the tubing in a semi-circle and tape it in place. Tape sticks but easy to pull off.

Coil the tubing up and tuck it into the waistband of your boxers/tighty whities

In addition to click, I try to wiggle the tubing right at connection, to make sure it is snug. Sometimes after shower I’m in a hurry and think I heard the click, but still tug/wiggle to make sure.


Usually this does not happen to me. However I suppose twice this year, different boxes and lots I have had this difficulty. I never know if it is me or if it is the connection. Once I have securely reconnected the tubing it seems to work fine. If you are having repeated difficulty I think I would call the 800 number with the lot number.


Note: I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things about Medtronic devices or the company. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that.