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On the clarity software, (G4) where do you change the data from mg to mmol?

Good question and I haven’t found the definitive answer. I’ve just scanned through an entire G4 Users Guide that used mmol/L units only. I think that this is not a user selectable setting. This appears to be hardwired into each receiver, it either uses mg/dL or mmol/L.

My receiver is in mmols which I want here in Canada. I would just like the Clarity software in the same rather than continually dividing by 18.

Ok - got it. I searched through the program last night and didn’t see any way to change from mg/dL to mmol/L. I suggest calling Dexcom. Here’s their number copied from inside the Clarity program.

If you have questions about these features, please contact the Dexcom Care Team at or call 1-877-339-2664, ext 4900.

I found this Dexcom web page that targets people in the UK; it uses mmol/L units:

So there is a Clarity program already written for mmol/L. I’ll search for a link to a Canadian version next.

I think the best way to get the answer will be to call the number I posted above.

I called the phone number and the customer service person said that they direct Canadians to use Diasend, not Clarity. I like Diasend but your interest in Clarity seems rational to me.

Anyway, I found this Dexcom Canada webpage with this contact info:

I asked the customer service person why someone from Canada could not just go to the UK Dexcom Clarity site. She wasn’t sure but guessed that perhaps the UK site will not talk to a Canadian IP address.

Wow, thank you for all your help. A few weeks ago when I was talking to Dexcom, they asked if I had the software downloaded. I replied that I had Diasend which I used for my pump. They gave me the impression that only Clarity would work and I should download it. Something isn’t right here!

Clarity is a US only software. Outside the US (Canada, Europe, Australia) we are cursed with Diasend. Same goes for the Apple Watch extension of the G5-software - you have to download the US version of the app, and then you are forced to use mg/dl, as no non-US apps provide the watch extension.


Before Clarity appeared a few years back, I used Diasend. I think their 14-day ambulatory glucose profile is an excellent tool for restrospective feedback. I prefer Clarity but I believe Diasend is a great alternate. I wouldn’t, however, like Dexcom making that choice for me.

If you use a VPN (virtual private network) software to log on to the internet, you can make your computer look like one signing on to the internet from whatever country you choose, whether it be the US, Canada, or the UK. In this case, if I lived in Canada and wanted to use Dexcom Clarity denominated in mmol/L, I would use a VPN to sign on as if I were in the UK. An additional benefit of using a VPN is that it encrypts all your internet activity.

I have not tried the UK one, just Swedish. Are Clarity + G5 with Apple watch available on the UK app store?

PS. I think that one will have to register a new account with a UK postal address in order to be able to download from the UK app store.

Same here also trying to find mg/dL or mmol/L answer :confused:

You can now use Clarity software in mmol/L!! Go to and sign up for an account. They even let you pick Canada as your country! Download the software and voila, your results are in Canadian! The A1C estimator even works in this version of Clarity.


this is what I did. no issues using the european version as a Canadian at all.

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Easy as pie. No VPN required.

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Thanks to all who replied to my post. I have now got it set up on diasend and on dexcom clarity through the EU site so I can use the mmols.