Dexcom clarity

Does anyone know how I download dexcom clarity. I am from Canada.

If you use the EU website for dexcom clarity, all of your dexcom info will be there.
The link is:
I use is all the time, so far no clarity app though for us Canadians.

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I tried the link you gave me with no results. It brought me to the same thing. Am I doing something wrong?

This link (below) would appear to be a link specifically for Dexcom Clarity for Canada.
If it doesn’t work for you then I suggest you give Dexcom Technical Support a call. The use of Clarity is a fully supported item/action. My interactions with Dexcom Technical Support have always been great. At least in the US, they are available 24x7x365. (I would hope the same for Canada !!!)

Also note that Clarity is not downloaded to your computer but used as a website where you upload your data. Dexcom used to have a similar program that you would download and then run locally but I think that has stopped being supported a few years back and probably is no longer available.

can’t they use a VPN if there is no non-USA support for Clarity?

No need, it’s supported and I used it prior to starting xDrip (since it doesn’t upload the data to the Clarity server). The EU site should work, apparently we are Europeans now!

Called dexcom tech this morning. I was supposed to sign in with my g5 password and username on dexcom. The computer saved my previous username when I logged in with my g4. So I got it all figured out. There are some nice graphs to view your data through.


I’m glad you were able to figure it out!