Time Changes and OmniPod

Hi -

We’re getting ready to go down to Mexico for a few weeks this summer and I wanted to know how to handle the time change with the OmniPod? Our rep told us to increase our basal rates by 15-20% daily or set up new basal rates based on the time? What have you all done regarding time changes? It’s only a two hour difference but since our guy is so small, he’s very sensitive to any changes.

Thanks in advance!!

Mom to Carter, 6 years & William, 2 years (dx April 2007, OmniPod User Jan 2008)

I travel quite a bit with time zone changes of 14 hours. I also have different basal rates at night. Since you can only change time when you change the pod, I setup a new basal program to convert to the new timezone.

Thanks. This may sound like a dumb question but once he’s acclimated to the time zone, do you just switch back to the regular basal rates?

I also have another quick question - is it ok to bolus using the PDM during flight? I read somewhere that the remotes of other pump manufactures shouldn’t be used during flight because it could mess up the plane’s navigation system. Have you ever had a problem with this?

Also, from what I’ve read on other websites, couldn’t I just change the clock on the pump to the new timezone? If I do this, would I have to do a complete pod change?

Can you tell I’m confused!! :+)

I asked my trainer if the PDM used Bluetooth to communicate with the pods. He said no, and one reason he gave was that Bluetooth is specifically forbidden on airplanes during takeoff and landing (you know when they tell you to “please turn off all electronic devices”), but that the radio signal OmniPod uses is allowed.