Coffee and equal?

Does anyone know anything about lots of equal in coffee. I wonder if coffee does anything except make you hyper? I drink a lot of coffee, iced:) I would say everyday, I drink a decent amount. I looked up equal and the effects, but it mostly said on newborns or infants it effects their neuro-chemical make ups.
Gota get back to cleaning the house for people that are coming to look at it, for home buyer maybe, time to change into the costume Cinderfella:) and start cleaning the bathroom with a toothbrush!

Too much of anything is not good for you!!!

so what your saying is that, toooooo much LOVE is not good?
I am just joking, but you are right! But, I am immune to it now, I just drink it for the taste.
But I dont feel as if it effects me really, I can fall to sleep within a short time also.

Ok Love is the exception.
Let me tell you what I know about coffee.
Besides caffine, it has other stuff in it that is very acidic.( think battery acid on concrete)
When I was in my 20"s and ten feel tall and bullet proof, I worked 3 jobs, somedays not sleeping for 2 of them. I required a lot of coffee to maintain my workaholic ways. Some people drink it by the cup, but I drank it by the pot.
At 21, I developed a duodenal ulcer. Let me tell you my friend, you do NOT want that to happen to you. It is one of the most painful experiences I have had. And the worst part is… there is no immediate relief from it. I have healed… but it took me over a year to heal up and part of the treatment is eating bland food with no flavor, no salt, no pepper…no nothing! And no coffee, no dairy, buddy… you gotta cut back… trust me on this…not fun at all!!!

Great no sugar, now no caffeine, whats next, no fish? Because of too much lead or something? I think that everything has some kind of downfall, like they say too much of anything isn’t good. DOH, gota go right NOW:(