Coffee Drinkers, where are you?


Another coffee fan from down under who did drink what seemed an excessive amount around 4 - 6 cups a day with no increased levels apparent however some mixed studies/reports read so tried the below method
I solved the problem by halving the size of the cup/ingredients so half the amount per day and still enjoy my 4 - 6 cups.
Water is also very important for flushing systems out and if I remember usually have half a glass before or after the coffee, not too strict on this though. Usually ease down on the intake before 8pm at night.
Another little enjoyment is moderate doses of 70% cocoa chocolate , just love the medical reports that state that it is good for you with high antioxidant content.
Type1 diabetic (13months) who seems to be defying the doctors timelines on what supposed to happen , was told a 3 to 6 month “honeymoon” period would see an increase in need for insulin , however I have actually decreased the amount over these 13 months and levels are very stable, and my insulin dosage is quite low. 3 x Nova rapid/day over night Lantus, Have ben playing around with various diet/food ideas I have a combination of 7 beans( Dried/soaked overnight and then steamed) with plenty of greens, fish, or lean meats chicken and red rice. Usually have this twice a day . These 7 beans were recommended by a practicing Buddist and apparently has been known/documented to cure all sorts of ailments over the years.
I have no doubt that the beans and red rice combination have helped in keeping my readings at a very stable level.
These beans are Adzuki (red), Black, Black eye, Mung, Red Kidney, Lotus, Lentils.


All I know about coffee is that it smells wonderful but makes me very nauseous when I drink it. I’ve tried so many varieties, love the flavour, but the after effects are devastating to my poor tummy.


I too L-O-V-E adding dark cocoa to coffee grounds…but have discovered as of late, that ingesting too much chocolate will give me a long lasting monstrous headache…and I only consume the darkest. I’m fine , however, if I only take very modest portions. Can the above mentioned beans be found in health food stores?


I’ve not seen lotus beans anywhere. In the US (not sure about Australia), dried black beans, black-eyed peas, kidney beans, and lentils (both red and green) can be found in the average supermarket. The adzuki beans and mung beans used to be available in health food stores (but I’ve not seen them there recently). If not, you might want to check Asian food stores: the adzuki beans are the basis for red bean paste (a staple for bean-filled Chinese and Japanese pastries), and the mung beans are the basis for the most common form of bean sprouts used in Asian cooking.


Thanks tmana…will do!


The best advice is what does your own body tell you health wise? Ask your body these important health questions;

Does your unsweetened coffee raise your blood sugars
How much does it elevate your blood pressure, take your blood pressure before drinking your morning coffee then after
How do you feel after drinking coffee
What is the length of time you are wired after drinking your last cup
Is drinking coffee a Habit or an actual pleasure be honest with yourself on this one
If you were not drinking coffee what habit would you replace it with

Manny, I hope this helped!

Your friend in Diabetes,



A few POTS a day here… I work in one time zone and live in another, can make for a long day!


What do you call a cup? If I go by the lines on the pot, I have six cups of half caf a day. However, they fit into three of my mugs. Along with that, I’ll drink two or three larger mugs of herbal tea. My favorite is Cinnamon Apple by Celestial Seasonings. This may explain why I take so many trips to the John. I’m hoping this keeps my plumbing cleaned out.


I drink about one cup a day, maybe two on a cold day. I have heard that caffeine increases BS, but i have never seen any study on that issue.



Celestial Seasonings - blueberry here. YUMM YUMM



I love my coffee. I drink a pot before lunch, then quit for the day ! Helps me deal with my other imperfections ! Dan


Dear Rick.

I am a study of one. Caffeine skyrockets my BG and a cup needs 10-15 units to bring it down somewaht and effect sometimes lasts for hours. And on some days not much effect. I guess it depends on how primed the liver is to spew out the glucose. Or on some other parameter.


We talk about this during this week’s episode of SweetTalk. Check it out - subscribe in iTunes or go to to listen to use discussing our caffeine addictions.


I drink only one big cup of coffee a day (in the morning) and drink it with Splenda and creamer. My sugar is usually on the low side in the AM so the creamer gives me a boost. I also read somewhere that caffeine is good for diabetic lows… can’t remember why or how but I think it had something to do with a quicker recovery from a low.


Ever since Katrina, our regular home brewed coffee (folgers) tastes like frog water. I used to drink a couple cups a day with creamer and 2 sugars. (and promptly fall back to sleep) Since I’ve been “sugar free” I’ve not had but two cups because the sweetner just doesn’t cut it. So I am now a tea drinker.


i run a coffee shop… do i have to say anymore? i have not noticed a general spike in sugars when i drink coffee (or espresso), but i have not really looked at it with out, it may just be part of my regimen.


I drink coffee everyday.I only drink it in the morning.I find it doesn’t raise my BS then.But if I drink it in the afternoon I get different results.I only use a small amount of milk.


I am also a coffe drinker…I have no feeling it has pumping my sugar level up so far. The tests say, allright to me…so I keep drinking it, but I only drink coffee, no milk or sugar in it…The black stuff…

I guess I drink about 6 to 8 cups a day so far…


Well as 100% Colombian you know I love my coffee.
I heard the caffeine can give you gall stones, and a gall bladder with gall stones can get infected and cause you a huge problem.
I have gall stones and this what my doctor told me.
So I have it like 4 times a week.
I can’t do it everyday.

I love my coffee!!!



I go through phases where I drink a lot then ease back off. Had to start mixing in decaf, though…jitters. I should probably be more consistent…mmmmmm…coffee:)