Cold medicine


I think I have a cold. I have a sore throat, runny/ stuff nose and my head hurts. I was at the grocery store trying pick something over the counter out when I noticed that alot of stuff like robitussin says check with Dr is you have diabetes. there was one special sugar free for diabetics robitussin but it was for cough and congestion, I dont have either symptom. does anyone know what I can take?


For years I never took anything because of that comment and then one of the doctors I worked said, omg go ahead and take it, sooooo…

Things that help me have been dayquil, but makes me hyper and helps with cold symptoms if the cold is fully developed. Zicam the stuff you squirt up your nose, but you have to use it at the first sign of a cold. What I used the last time that helped me bigtime is Airborne, a herbal formula, that works the best for me.