How do your blood sugars trend the week before, the week of, and the week after exams?

Wow, this is an interesting topic. They should do a large scale study on this. I’ll start tracking this myself. I had my final July 8th ( I was able to take this at home on Sunday) and the BG was the highest of the month. One hour before the professor emailed me the exam (10:30am) , it was 154. I took a BG right after and was at 237 (5:06PM), highest since I started recording on sugarstats. At 8:02PM I was at 69. The three days before the exam were all higher than usual.

Ive noticed that happens to me too, a few days before exams Ill be sky high, same with during the exam, but then I crash shortly after i get done!

i’m not surprised that sugars spike during exam periods. i was diagnosed 2 days after my exams ended last semester. i was really stressed out, mugging day and night and not helping my unaware self by living on energy drinks and junk food.

when i was diagnosed, my blood sugars were 720. the doctors found out i had just finished taking my exams and decided that the stress i faced was a major cause of whatever triggered my condition to flare up and send me into DKA.

i’ve mentioned before that i get easily stressed out. i hope i manage well this semester!

I hope this group helps you! i know i get sooooo sick and high during exams, and people wonder why my gpa is kinda low! well that be the reason, I know the stuff like WHOA! but at exams I just can not control it.

110 -1 week before exam :smiley:
170- 3 days before exam >:(
230 - morning of exam >:o
120 4 hours after exam :confused: (what just happened?!)
I think it’s the stress hormone going hay- wire