Come on you lot you will be late for school

Friday already how the weeks slip by one after he other the years pile on so does the size of your tummy bugs of all kind invade your body some you get over some remain to make there homes in you you brush with diseases and the immune system seems most of them of and in the end the young fit active person is just a fading shadow looking in the mirror to shave I often ask myself who is that staring back in my mind I am 21 just getting married over the hill in love and the World is waiting to be conquered,by 27 we had five children two boys and three girls for a man having a child is the most wonderful thing you could ever wish for in this vast Universe of ours so having five I felt truly blessed,they have all grown up and left the nest that we built for us and them and if I am really honest it has never been the same since,the fun the laughter the crying all go into making the home a place to feel safe in one by one they decided they wanted more than we could offer and that is how it is supposed to be I really believe a path is laid down for us on conception we rarely see the path and at times it is impossible to keep two feet on it never mind make the right choice do I do this or do that it is ok having free will but it does not help when a decision is to be made I want someone to point and say that’s the way trust me,instead of falling in the biggest hole in he road anyone has ever seen.
Seeing my dad this week made me realise he must have trod the path thought the same thoughts as me loved just as much as I do and seen his hopes and dreams fade away with time,as I often tell myself perhaps tomorrow,I have been able to provide a better life than dad could have done not saying I did things better just it was totally different in the 40s 50, dad worked hard all his life and never had much to show for it and as the eldest child I too forgot the sacrifices he and mom made and flew the nest as soon as I could, they to must have wondered what they did wrong but the urge to leave the shackles of home and break the chains is far to strong for most of us,there comes a time when you really think you know better and no matter what mom or dad says you have to do it your way,our kids are the same tell them to do something and they will do the opposite,let’s face it they do not want advice or guidance from someone that has not made a great success of there life.
The void they left has been filled with heart failure diabetes gout prostrate all little kids waiting to knock you for ten then keep coming back to kick you when you are down,instead of shouting you will be late for school or later on work, I can shout as much as I want but no one ever answers,life moves on I can hear you say stop living in the past even grow up and I hear you but those years of bringing up well helping to bring up our tribe lays down bonds no one can ever break no matter what happens in life,back to Friday time for Victoza morning pills get de-stressed as the doctor keeps telling me take it easy enjoy life who is he kidding I am tuckered out just sitting here trying away is that the right phrase,no matter Friday is here make the most of it.