Come up for air Love

Just when you think you have depression under control you have a day like i had yesterday by the end of it I was moody not talking not even to myself and felt like the bad old days,please no more of those thoughts I cannot swim,not going to bore you with the build up crisis just to say it was not very pleasant by 10 after I had got a bit of peace and quite away from my nagging Angel which at times cuts you to the bone,I was back to my cheerful Ricky Gervais face,speaking of him we watched Ghost Town and were pleasantly surprised it kept our attention not great not bad but watchable.

The day can start of good well for me it can and get slowly more miserable or it did before I took anti depressants, but yesterday not even those helped my Angel goes on taking about anything she just goes on and on some times the sound of her voice cuts straight into my thoughts,I love to hear her but love come up for air sometimes.

Mentioning anti depressants I need to take mine now one tablet of Citalopram 20mg, just thinking about yesterday is giving me a headache so if you do not mind I will leave it where it belongs in the past.

taken insulin so free from medication until tea time, have a nice day everyone steer clear of days like I had yesterday