Scater brained this morning

Felt great when I woke up the bedroom was warm compared to the arrival of Jack frost in the night brrrrrr,composed a poem about jack frost then lost in the process of saving it so another master piece hits the dust of lostfulness,as soon as I take my morning medication my world turns upside down not in a tangerble way but the fog of mind drops down to cloud your judgement and powers of reasoning, normally loosing a work of art would have sent me on a downward spiral but since taking the mind altering anti depression pills the ozone of calmfulness has set in all you envionmentalists out there leave my ozone of calmfulness alone it is only in my mind no protesting sitting outside my front door shouting save twiddlemthumbs brain.

On a serious note the taking of my medication did change my mood as you may have noticed I have been trying to do some poetry well if you can call it that mostly what crosses my forehead at the time would be more precise, wish I could spell mind you wish I could climb mount Everest or walk the nca Trail or see the Amazon forrest close up no not in front of a tv screen the drawback with being diabetec for me is that your mind still thinks you can do these things but my body soon tells me to sit down even climbing our stairs.

Clearly drugs are not the answer taking care of your body is the key the medicine you really need is somewhere in your mind or body there is the cure for all ills.

Preaching again when I was young I wanted to be Vicar thought I had Gods calling, when you are young you think anthing is possible perhaps for some it is,right now I am going to try and save this with my fingers crossed here goes

The frost has gone the Sun touched it all so lightly and it gave in without a fight sounds a bit like me well howe I use to think there has been a big C change lately in my mental state you can put it down to the anti depression pills and that might be right but being able to think more clearly frees your mind to imagine a better life if only for a short while.