Two Week Wait - Blood sugars

Hi Everyone,

I did my 6th IUI 6 days ago (3rd since last miscarriage). Am in the dreaded two week wait where every symptom is analsyed and agonised over.

The last 3 days my fasting blood sugar has been way higher than usual M-109, Tu-106, We - 100 (added 1 extra unit of insulin last night, which didn’t help much). Also my post eating levels have been higher than usual - have had 140s and 150s at 2 hours after eating.

Anyway, question is, is this too early to be having a change in blood sugars if I am pregnant?

I’m going to eat more carefully and monitor more frequently today and hopefully I can keep numberes down.

Am so anxious about this and so wanting to finally get (and stay) pregnant.

For me, during my 3rd and 4th pregnancies, I knew two weeks before I took a pregnancy test that something was up. My blood sugars spiked drastically. During the 3rd pregnancy, my blood sugars were very hard to control throughout. Throughout the first trimester of my 4th, my insulin needs decreased gradually. They didn’t start to increase dramatically till towards the end of the 2nd trimester.

Exercise helped me a lot during this pregnancy (#4). Definitely exercise. I did yoga for 75 mins 2x/week.