Confidence reminder?

Is this the reminder you get an hour and 1/2 after you've changed pods?

I just googled it - confidence reminders include the beeping at the beginning and end of a bolus and temp basal beeping. I would LOVE to turn off the “test your bg” reminder, if anyone knows how

The Confidence Reminder is what makes it beep every time you bolus to let you know it transmitted to the pod properly.

Thanks! I would love to turn that off too!

As others have said it’s not one of the confidence reminders. The PDM settings contain no reference to it, there’s no way to turn it off (at least none that anyone has found so far.)

It’s also not possible to preempt it, e.g. by entering a blood sugar reading before the reminder comes up. It didn’t worry me, perhaps because I don’t keep the PDM near me (and I have turned off vibrations), so I never see the reminder until I’m about to enter a blood sugar reading.

The one thing that caught me the first time...if you have it set to vibrate, the PDM will vibrate every few minutes, and drain your battery.

So, if you have vibrations cut off, it won't keep trying to remind you and run your battey down?

I had vibrations off and woke up one morning after the previous nights pod change and the screen on my PDM was on. I don't know if it was on all night or not, but it is still annoying and had to result in some extra battery drain.

I know it's not recommenced to change pods before bed, but I've never had a problem with it. So now, when I do, I just remove the batteries from the pdm so it's not beeping and lighting the screen up all night.

Remove the batteries. Now, there's a trick I hadn't thought of.

Vibrate to stop PDM from beeping.
Confidence reminders to stop POD from beeping.

You can change the BG reminders and confidence reminder with Omnipod. Go to Settings, system setup, alerts/reminders. Each one is listed there.