Overriding Omnipod 3 day pod cycle

Is there any way to override your pods alarms for pod replacement for longer then the suggested 3 days? I haven't figured out a way to override the PDM so that it stops beeping and beeping to replace despite having
enough insulin left for continued use. For one, it's cost and also, the desire to not have to change every 3 days.

Also, is there a way to turn off "ALL BEEPS" for the testing of BG? I have turned off the beeps for bolus delivery except I cannot find a setting for silencing the beeps for testing glucose. Thanks.

when i had my omnipod all the alarms we off for the reminders.
go to settings,
system set up,
bg reminder
select off
also under alerts/reminders the reminder alerts can be turned off.

hope this helps. as for the 3 day expiration that is it, when the pod reaches day three it can not be restarted, its garbage. sorry.

The maximum amount of time the Omnipod allows is 80 hours or three days + 8 hours. There is no workaround. The biggest downside to that, for me, is I hate changing a site when it is working well and I have insulin left.

Terry's right. In addition, once the three days (72 hours) is up the expiring pod will alarm every hour. I am not aware that those can be turned off, though...

You can turn off the BG reminders...The expire alert reminder will start 1at hr 71, then every hour after. I do not believe that you can silence the expiration reminder alarms. Very frustrating, if you want to sleep through the night.

Agreed! But then again, some times I do forget when I changed it last and those pesky alarms actually come in handy :)

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To turn off the beeps related to testing, try:

system set up,
bg meter,
bg sound: off

As others have said, there doesn't seem to be any way to override the set 80 hour limit of each pod.

Yep, 80 hrs is the max.