Considering Pump for first time - Northern NJ/NYC Area

Hi all- I’ve been a diabetic for ~17 years and have always used syringes, but am considering a move to a pump. Am curious if anyone knows anyone I can reach out to at the various providers to get some more info & do a demo. I’m based in the Hoboken/NYC area, whereas all the contacts my endocrinologist provided are in the Philly area, which is less than ideal. Appreciate any assistance!

Contact the companies directly they can get you pointed in right direction.

Hi Andrew, welcome to our community! I got excited when I saw the “Northern NJ”, because that’s where I live!! (but I’m in extreme northern NJ, I mean, way way up there).

Anyway, here is a good comparison by our friends at Integrated Diabetes

don’t even bother looking at the Accu-chek Spirit, they just announced they won’t be accepting any new patients (grrr, as I have had this pump for like forever).

we have some videos in our archive on pumping

There’s a good one of one our members doing an Omnipod pod change - let me know if you want to see it and can’t find it!

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I’d start by looking at the various pumps available (Medtronic, Animas, Omnipod and Tandem - what I am very happy with). I’d also post a question, asking pumpers to chime in on what they like - and I’mortantly - don’t like about the various pumps. There are several pump comparison sites - check out Diabetes Health, they have a product review issue as does the ADA. I’d also check out John Walsh’s website Diabetes Mall ( they have great comparison info.

Speaking of John Walsh - I highly recommend getting his book “Pumping Insulin” (I have been pumping for about 116 years now and always buy the new edition every few years it is such a great resource) And pick up a copy of the latest edition of “Think Like a Pancreas” by Gary Schnider . Both books have info on the various pump features you might be interested in.

As part of your narrowing down the options, it is very important to learn which pump(s) are in your health plan formulary as it were. Then, contact the pump company(s) you are most interested in. They have reps all over who are more than willing and able to meet with you and show you, hands o, their pumps. Often they too have T1.

Depending on qwhat pump(s) are covered by your health plan, remember it is YOUR decision. Often Endo’s prefer one pump over another and I doubt it is because they have personally used it. You are the one who is gonna live with it.