Contact Lenses

Just wanted to hear some opinions on Contact Lenses. I am going to be going back to wearing them after about 8 years of not wearing them. Just wondering what brands people prefer and why.

I like Acuvue Oasis with Hydroclear Plus. They are 2 week disposable lenses. I like them better than other brands that I have tried because they are simply the most comfortable lens in my opinion. They stay hydrated well and I don’t even feel them in my eyes. Even after a long day at work on the computer. They are reasonably priced as well. I just purchased an annual supply of 8 boxes (6 lenses each box) for $250 and I have a $60 mail in rebate to send in. Not bad!

Here’s the website if you decide to check them out

I’m not sure what brand I have but I would recomend using one days, my eye doctor told me that it was better for diabetics considering we are already at chance for eye problems. With one day it reduces the risk of infections.

I have been wearing contact lenses since I was a teenager. Myopic with pretty high grades and astigmatism. There are two brands that I have been most familiar with: Bausch & Lomb and Cibavision. I have had contacts tailor fitted to my needs…like toric lenses. They also have disposable ones, extended wear ones, etc. Per my experience, they had been very durable, highly reliable and prices are very reasonable too.

I agree with this. Since I was diagnosed with diabetes, my doctor recommended to avoid extended wear ones…highly advisable not to sleep with it too. Give your eyes some rest by wearing regular glasses ones in a while…

I wear some sort of gas permeable hard lenses.

Thank you all. I have heard really good things about the Oasis with Hydroclear from numerous individuals. I have previously used the Accuvision and they just didn’t feel like they were staying as hydrated as they should. Not sure why contacts would feel as if they were stuck to my eyes. But I didn’t have that problem until the end of the last prescription. So maybe it was just that they were getting older?

My sister (nonD) and I (T1D 3yrs) wear biofinity AQUAFORM Comfort Science by CooperVision. We love them :slight_smile: very comfortable, can wear them for 18+ hours, etc. don’t feel them in our eyes.

My ophtho won’t let me have contacts at all, because I’m diabetic (and also older), and he says they’re just too dangerous. But he’s obviously a conservative type.

So I would say go with what’s comfortable, and be ultra careful of eye and hand hygiene when handling them. Otherwise, some people have given excellent advice!

Good luck!

+1 to the Oasys! I use the Torics and they’re great. The torics end up being quite a bit more expensive than buying monthlies b/c they don’t last as long but they really do feel better after being in for the whole day. I can maybe push 2.5-3 weeks out of them but they really are two week lenses. I think they’re worth it.

I would suggest you go for a proper contact lens fitting because everyone’s eyes are different and so you do need to have them specially fitted to you. It’s like jeans, every brand has a slightly different way of cutting, and you just have to find that brand that suits you best.