Contact Lenses and Diabetes

Have you ever had problems with contact lenses that effect your diabetes? This might be a silly question, but I just want to stay safe :slight_smile: I just got my contacts today and I forgot to ask the optometrist. I love them so far! It is different being able to see clearly without anything resting on your nose :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for diabetes camp in late July!! It’s going to be my first time to go :slight_smile:

They will not effect your vision as long as you take care of them like everyone else, diabetic or not, that has contacts. Don’t leave them in when you sleep, and disinfect regularly.

Been wearing hard, gas permeable lenses since about 1977 with no issues except
Soft lenses did not let enough air into my eye and caused infections and bright red rings.
The gas perms, while more of a pain to wear (literally if you get a rock in there) actually improved my eyesight by changing my cornea or something.
Now maybe the soft lenses are better made these days and do not cause the issues I had. I hope so, but no doctor has been willing to let me try them out again.

I have asked 2 eye doctors for their opinion. All they said was that I should take care of my eyes just as if I didnt have diabetes, which means I should take care of my eyes either way. What is corneal transparency? Well, my sister who is non-diabetic has contacts and she says that sometimes she has trouble with focusing, but all you do is blink a few times. Well, thanks for the responses Jessica and Emmy. I will think aboutwhat you said Emmy.

I have soft lenses and my eyes are a bit dry, Laura. My sister has been using soft lenses and she has not had one infection. Her eyes get a little red when she sleeps with them over night (whivch you are not supposed to do). Those perm lenses sound painful if they change the shape of your eye.

You cant feel the actual molding. It really has improved my vision.
But the problem is, they are very tight on your eye. You get in windy weather and get a rock in there (or in my case a pet hair) and it is sealed on to your eyeball. So you have to go take the thing out and wash it off. The soft lenses, you just smoosh around and pretty much get rid of anything bothering you.
I loved my soft lenses, but they didnt love me back!
Way back in college, 77/78, I had to boil my lenses in a distilled water solution. A little box you plugged in, filled with distilled water and let em cook! That was a pain!

Ewww! I wouldnt be able to stand wearing perm contacts! I bet that was a pain to boil the soft lenses. It was just another thing to add to taking care of your diabetes :slight_smile: Do you still wear contacts without any eye problems?

Yep. I had 1200 laser burns for retinopathy to one eye, several years ago. No relation at all between the retinal problems and the lenses. The only thing is my eyes do get more dry, otherwise no problem. Nothing to worry about.
Beats glasses.
And I was a ballet major in school so I needed those contacts, boiling and all!!!

Yeah! I hated wearing glasses! They always got in the way. I even got my glasses knocked off a few times in basketball. Haha! Thats cool that yo were a ballet major! I wish I could do those twists and turns. I used to be in cheerleading, but that is more sharp and less flow :slight_smile: Well, I got to go eat dinner now :slight_smile:

Been wearing toric soft contact lenses for…err…forever! Have had no issues so far. Emmy made a good point that sometimes, specially after prolonged use, lubricating the eyes may be necessary. There are drops available for that. My ophthalmologist also strongly advised to rest the eyes from contact lenses and even if it is “an extended wear type lens” it is best to remove them at night before bedtime…just to help avoid infections.

Good luck and enjoy on your diabetes camp. Have fun and tell us about it =)

I wear toric soft contact lenses and have never had a problem with them. Like Teena, I take mine out and give my eyes a rest. I usually take them out when I get home from work just to give my eyes a rest. It’s just kind of a habit for me now – not that my eyes really feel tired. Enjoy the lenses – I think you’ll be so glad to have them – especially at camp.