Contemplating Stupidity Part 2

Nothing really happened with the message on facebook. So I decided to write a note, which then turned into a letter. I dont remember all that it said, but I do remember saying stuff like I didnt really mean it when I walked away that day, I was stupid to leave you, I wanna talk to you again. It took up the whole page. The second to last paragraph I told her I saw where she had said she wants to go to college for photography in the yearbook. I told her my Aunt Lisa and cousin Krista went and invited her to the next shoot theyre doing with me and Jerrys horses. I told her Aunt Lisa would love the help, and Id like it if she came too. I told her about Shyla, too. The last paragraph I asked her if she ever wanted to talk again. I told her i did. I told her that so much had happened since September and that Id love to tell her about it sometime.

Today was the seniors last day of school, so its all up to her now. I wont see her until graduation unless she decides otherwise.

Now we wait...


Thanks Judith :slight_smile:
You just made me feel so much better about this.