I must be crazy or i might just be a genius

well as the name is i must either be crazy or a genius. i am in a beauty pageant and there is me and 1 other girl in it in my age bracket (its a small town pageant), the only things we have to do for it is a semi formal part were they ask us questions and we have to wear a semi formal dress, and a talent portion, she is singing she has been in singing classes since she was 5 years old, i have been jumping from idea to idea on what to do for my talent, i originally thought a poem, then my mom came up with something better a monologue about individuality and labels, but last night i changed my mind again just as i was starting to get sleepy and i had turned off my computer and got ready for bed and had actually laid down to sleep was starting to drift off and then, i was suddenly awake and had to write i wasn’t even really paying attention to what i was writing (i usually don’t it turns out better if i just let it flow from what is in my head to the paper and read it after i stop ). when i stopped i read it and i have a rough draft of a speech / monologue on something much more important to me both because its something many people have to live with every day and because the 2 people i care about most are some of those people i have a rough draft about why diabetes research is so important and why its important to me but its kind if informational and kind of rambling. im going to work on it but the pageant is on the 26th so its tomorrow(as its almost midnight ill consider it the 25th already) but i kneed help with it my mom is going to help some but i still kneed help with it if somebody reads this today please suggest something for me to say about it. i really kneed the help i have a 2 min time window for this and about 1 min of rambling and info so far, and don’t think my mom can make it longer she will probably cut it down some if any thing by cutting some of my rambling out. so i really kneed the help thanks.

Wow! I read through the entire thing and I’m feeling so out of breath!! What happened to all the punctuation? I had just celebrated National Punctuation Day and then I read your stream-of-consciousness writing…surreal!

From what I could understand, I think that you want to talk about the importance of diabetes research. The best place for you to start would be the JDRF website.

sorry john im horrible with punctuation and spelling, im always getting in trouble for that with my mom, shes a writer and is always getting after me for that. i will go look at the JDRF website to find some stuff for what i need. and yes i will go back and punctuate to my best ability im not good at finding were it all goes though i didn’t really pay attention in school which is why im a drop out they weren’t teaching things i wanted to learn so i didn’t pay attention. thank you for the helpful and i very much appreciate it.

Sounds like a great idea! Can you share with us what you have so far?

Hey Angie, I hope you won’t change your writing style because of what I said!! I was being light-hearted and forgot to add my :-)s and LOLs in my post…I like your writing style…it’s different and refreshing and I can understand you perfectly! Reading what you write brings to mind someone I used to know when I was younger…she used to talk exactly like how you write! Keep your uniqueness and individuality and be proud of it…don’t conform just because of others.

Good luck on your contest - I hope you win!

well i didn’t win and i didn’t exactly go by my script but i did end up crying while up on stage saying what i was saying it one of the judges sons congratulated me for wining it but that’s b4 the cheating began the mother of 3 of the girls 1 in each of the 3 older age brackets went and talked to her friends who were also the judges and got that all changed all 3 of the girls won for there age bracket even though they entered today and the end of the entry period ended 2 weeks ago roles eyes irritated non of the girls should have been able to compete because of the entry time and even more so because they were already the raining queens from last year (im betting last year was rigged to but have no proof of last year only this year)but they all won again grrr to small town politics but i dont kneed to win it to be happy just knowing i was supposed to win it was enough for me im more mad about it for the other girls in the competition that worked there butts off to try to win it that got totally cheated out of winning for me i know i was supposed to win and even if i wasn’t supposed to i got the info i wanted to get out there out there and that is what matters not the title or the sash or even the crown its knowing i did my best and got the info out there but i love the fact the judges son thought i was pretty and told me i had won even though it ended up rigged so i wasn’t he almost didn’t hand them to the girl they said the name of on stage he almost hanged the roses he was handing to the winner to me and he had a really confused look on his face when he realized they hadn’t said my name after the confusion was gone he looked as mad as me and the rest of the girls did about the fact it was rigged winning doesn’t matter to me but knowing i was supposed to dose feel good and my view on it is if those girls want those titles bad enough to cheat to get them fine they can have them but im sure going to say something to the person in charge about the fact it ended up rigged and to the local news paper i don’t take litely to people cheating like that when other people worked so hard to do good and win it and i will do what i can to make it so either the people that had originally been going to get those titles get them or make sure it doesn’t happen next year and ill make sure of that grins evil grin even if i have to lock those girls in a closet some were with something stuffed in there mouths and them tied up to make it fair for those girls that do work at it to win ill take getting in a lil trouble but even if i get it fixed so all the girls that were supposed to win this year get there titles i wont take mine ill pass it off to the other girl that was supposed to be the only one competing agents me she worked so hard and did so much better than me and if i fix this she deserves it :slight_smile:

oh and john i never change my writing style for long well mostly never 8 months ago u wouldn’t have known what i had said things would have been spelled so bad my spell check couldn’t come up with a word close to half of the things i spell as words so i did make that change but i mostly keep the way i write the same as the way i talk i get the way i talk from my mom so i like it and i just naturally write the same way :slight_smile: so no i wont change the way i write because of what u said and for some reason when i read somebody’s writing i know when there is humor that was forgotten to be put in its like they worded it for those things like lols and :)s to be in there but the forgot them but its not worded any differently than if u weren’t going to put it in there but i already knew they were supposed to be in there :slight_smile: