Contour costumer service

Just have to comment here, I am kind of dumbfounded, I have a contour next link meter that came with my medtronic 530g pump. Can’t afford new transmitter right now so figuredon’t I would use meter so it can connect to pump. Anyway I found the contour next app. On line and downloaded, went to pair with my bg meter and could not, so I emailed coustemer service and asked about the issue and started entering values manually. With in latterly a couple minutes saying my meter would only link with medtronics pump, but get this " if I want to use the new contour next meter they would send me one free of charge! So of course I e-mailed back I would love to try out new meter. Went back to interning data and in a couple of minutes got and email back that I was in there system (from reversing pump) and that they were next dating me a new pump and strips free after charge. Order was placed and should ship tomorrow and that I should receive on Wednesday. Wow

I love those guys. I had a contour and called cause I had no testing fluid. They sent me a contour next for free. 3 years later free battery replacement which is for life which I just received.

Yes I do also, they e-mailed me back and asked for info on my old meter which I sent them. Got e-mail a couple of minutes ago with tracking info and because old meter was under warranty one I am getting will have full 5 year warranty.

They also will send FREE batteries for the models that aren’t rechargeable. Pretty sweet deal. (I’ve got 3 models of Contour Next meters–Next One, Next Link, and Next EZ). The one that works with Medtronic pumps is the Next Link and is rechargeable.

I have the next link they are sending me the new one. I figure it won’t work with my 530 though and of course the next link won’t work with there contour app. Guess I’ll have to find another app.