Contour link2.4 meter case

I emailed ascencia diabetes about their cases for the contour link, explaining that the case is too small for the meter and test strips. They called me within a few hours and suggested other cases that they could give me. While on the phone they asked about a backup meter, which they sent to me all free. What a nice company to deal with!


I hated the new case they sent me – Too big, So I transferred the strips to a old One touch vial as its much smaller and now I can zip up the case with ease! And they sent me a new backup meter as well. —I lost one on a fishing trip–Phoned them up and they sent me another one–Free of course. Good people to deal with :slight_smile:

I agree. The meter wallet they sent me was nice but, it is big. I did like you. I transfered the strips into a freestyle vial. Why would contour need such a big vial like that?

These Cases have been around for years and still they wont close without a struggle using there current vials? Who Knows? Happy Easter!