Looking for One Touch Ultra Link Meter

Does anyone have the One Touch Ultra Link meter, to sell or donate. I lost mine and need it for my Medtronic pump. Pls let me know. Will pay.

Just contacted medronic to go back on my pump. They are now using Bayer Contour meter and sent me one for free. Give them a call.

Let me check and see if we still have our old one as we switched to Animus two years ago (from Medtronic) and I think we may still have the One Touch Ultra Link Meter lying around (somewhere)!

I would take up this option. The contour meter is far more accurate, although is cannot tolerate the lower and higher temperatures that the One Touch can.

Same, although called them for the Contour Next Link, they sent it with no problems at all for free as they know fine well they make the money on the test strips so don't mind giving away meters.