Contour Next One

I was given one of these when I picked up an order of test strips last week. I didn’t need it, because I have several Contour Next Link meters. I took it home to see what it’s all about. I have a Dexcom and Tandem X2, I’d never use the Bluetooth and app that this new meter is pushing. But, it’s a nice feature to have for someone who doesn’t have a CGM. Here’s my problem with this meter:

I took the the thing out of the box this afternoon for the first time. I DID NOT read the instructions, but it was very easy to setup. I inserted the strip and noticed the battery meter was barely charged. To my surprise, the battery meter only displays in a blink of an eye when the strip is inserted. I connected it to my Tandem USB cable that is connected to my iPhone charger because the Tandem wall charger is clunky. After a while I looked at the meter and it was not charging. I called the tech support number on the back of the instructions. I was informed that the battery is not rechargeable like my Contour Next Link meters. This new One meter uses a proprietary battery that needs to be replaced after 1000 tests. The turnaround is 3-5 business days to get the new battery delivered free of charge from Bayer or whomever the company is who owns Bayer now. They warranty this meter for life, but I don’t understand why they decided to get rid of the rechargeable battery that is in the Link meters for a system of replacing and throwing away which also includes having to call tech support to have them send the battery to us. This just seems to be going in the opposite direction of everything else that is powered by batteries these days. Sorry for the rant

Seems pretty dumb to me, too. 1,000 tests is a ridiculous number. Are they marketing this to Type 2s? I could burn through 1,000 tests in three months!


The One does not use a proprietary battery! It uses the very COMMON 2032. I have many of them at home for other devices. Buy them at Amazon. When they are depleted, call Ascensia for FREE replacements. That was a rant that was unnecessary, Jason. Sorry.

The rechargeable battery is a PITA, quite frankly. and the screen of the Next Link is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to see in daylight. That’s why I spent over $22 at the pharmacy not long ago, to get the One–so I would have a meter that has a screen readable in daylight.

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The Contour next battery seems to look low but I have got more than 2 years out of it. These days I have to jam the strip in which seems different as to when it was new.

The results still jibe with A1C readings.

The battery icon on the Contour Next meters is pretty weird. When the battery is brand new the icon makes it appear as though it’s just about to die.

We have just switched to the Contour Next One. Thanks to @Eric2 for giving us the push to change meters!!!

Picked up two of the meters from Amazon for $9.50 each. (Free shipping of course - I LOVE free shipping - lol). 300 of the strips just arrived from CCS Medical with our other Tandem pump supplies. I was trying to figure out how to turn on the meter light and the battery compartment popped open so I got to visually confirm the pair of CR2032 batteries inside the meter.

So far we are pretty happy with the change.


Glad you like it!

Just hold the button down and the light comes on.

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The One does not use a proprietary battery! It uses the very COMMON 2032. I have many of them at home for other devices. Buy them at Amazon. When they are depleted, call Ascensia for FREE replacements. That was a rant that was unnecessary, Jason. Sorry.

Unfortunately, this is what I was told by their customer service department. I’ll own what I said, and apologize. I’m the exact opposite of you Dave. I hate the One, and love the Next Link. I’ll send it to you if you want another one. They are sending me a replacement, and I don’t know if I’ll have to send this one back. We might have to wait until I get the replacement meter. I did ask them if they could send me a Next Link instead, of course they said NO! :frowning:

Thanks for the offer but I already have two of them. One that I bought at the store and one that I received with the Dexcom

We can’t always trust what tech support Personnel tell us. A prime example is one Dexcom Tech told me that the receiver does backfilling and another one told me that it doesn’t. Now that I’ve had the unit for a few days it’s quite obvious that it does not do backfilling

No, it definitely does not backfill, which is odd considering the transmitter keeps 3 hours of info stored away. The phone app does backfill, which is great.

I believe it’s a randomly made up number. They said this about older Contour Link meters too or even less if you let the meter communicate with a pump. I hardly ever changed my battery, even though I always let it send my BGs to my pump. Now I use the Contour Next Link and that one requires charging way more often.

Oh that is silly…

I have one of the earlier models and love it. Think it’s the standard next link, not the latest version.

Charge about once a month if that and have used for three years without issue. I particularly love the ability to light the tip of the meter up at night so I can text during the night without sticking a lamp or light on.