Contour Next versus Accuchek

Any opinions on which is better? My insurance is dropping Accuchek for the Contour line of meters. I’ve been happy with Accuchek and I hate change.
Also, which Contour Meyer should I get? Pros and Cons?

I use the Contour Next USB as my main meter and have a Contour Next as my backup meter (they use the same strips). I like them both because they both have a high-contrast screen. I like that I can log insulin (both rapid- and long-acting) in the Conour Next USB, and I like that the meter has no battery to change. I also really like its small size. Some people also really like the strip light it has, though I don’t usually use that feature.


I had a prescription for the Contour. After filling that I had strips without testing fluid so I called Bayer. They immediately said we are sending you the Contour next free. Better strips they said. They do give you more time. And the readings I get match my A1c.

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Oh, yeah, I forgot about the 30 seconds of extra time if you don’t get enough blood. I love that feature. That’s one of the main reasons I ditched OneTouch. So many wasted strips…


I switched to ContourNext as part of the deal when I got my first (Medtronic) pump because they’re integrated via RF (meter sends data to the pump, and uploads to Carelink website). So that’s pretty handy though Carelink is starting to look pretty dated and clunky compared to the flurry of newer tracking apps coming online. Screen is very readable, it rates highly for accuracy, and I DO use the strip light when I have to test BG in the night and don’t want to wake my wife up.

contour next link user here and pretty happy, for the reasons mentioned above.
if you love your data and analyzing it, the contour next one might be an option for you if available, it has been advertized heavily here in Switzerland and seems to be the newest tech with uploading and even sending data to your cellphone app i believe.
i was able to test that one in camp and didnt notice anything inconvenient, i was just happy with my contour next link and stuck with it.

I just switched to the Contour Next USB from the One Touch Verio. It took me about a day to get used to it and I am getting very happy with it. I feel the numbers are friendly and I actually use the data logging for carbs/insulin.

Accuracy is great compared with the Verio. The Verio was pretty much a random number generator and calibrating the CGM with it was a crap shoot (Not making this up three tests in a row 9.6 (I don’t feel like 9.6), 5.8, 7.0 - what is it?). With the Contour the meter and the CGM always are spot on when the line is straight on the CGM.

The Contour Meters are at the top of the list on the Gary Scheiner meter comparison.

I am not thrilled with the GLUCOFACTS software so I use DIASEND to look at meter data instead.

I took a look at the CONTOUR NEXT ONE on the Swiss website. Looks pretty neat and works with Andriod like my last Verio meter. Too bad it is not available in Canada. (Sorry - I think complaining about new D tech not being available in Canada was a separate thread.)

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I’m sure they’re both fine. I pay cash for my strips-- and the contour next is one of my top contenders to switch to once the old stock of trustest runs out.

I pay cash rather than let my insurance provide me with one-touch because I really hate them that much.

Its the worst meter i ever used .Its completely impossible to read in dayligth

i have a mac, the software for the Contour Next USB has some hiccups before taking a long time to load on my computer whenever I connect the USB meter to it. But the software is great once it finally loads. Holds 2000 readings, I can vary the data I am looking at from one week to all readings, or change the date range to anything in between. The graphs are pretty.

Just got a free Accu-Chek connect in the mail. It’s a little bigger and harder to hide this meter in my hand. Only holds 750 readings. BUT it connects to an app on my phone with Bluetooth. I like seeing the data in graph form instantly, without having the hassle of connecting to my computer. Seeing numbers only, I obsess about the last reading and feel bad when it’s not what I had hoped for. Ruins my whole day. Since I can’t afford a CGM this is the next best thing, for me.

Strips are also smaller for the Contour Next USB.

Both have pros and cons, but the ability to see my data on a graph immiediately, on my phone, means the contour next usb is now my backup meter.


I think you may mean “direct sunlight”? I read mine in daylight all the time, but yes, direct sunlight is hard (though no worse than any phone or tablet).

That list, if trustworthy, is pretty good reason for me to switch to Bayer, considering they are a ‘preferred’ brand on my new insurance policy. I really like the Verio auto-logging to iPhone feature, but… I think I’ll get a Next USB.

Thanks Everyone! I hate switching, especially since I’ve been lucky enough to end up with three Accuchek meters and a bit of a back stock of strips, but I’m going to try it.

I agree that the native Bayer/Ascencia software sucks. But I love the Contour Next USB meter so have been using Diasend on my Mac. But the reason I’m chirping in here is to say there is a new Contour Next USB meter on the way, the One. It’s in Europe now and looks like a nice upgrade as it is bluetooth enabled and uploads to an iPhone with what looks to be a nice interface.

Thanks AE13. I’ve been looking for a way to download my Contour Next USB data onto my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime for a long time. I’ve tried just about every app possible, but I’ve always had to manually enter my data. Thanks for the recommendation/mentioning of DIASEND. WOW, what a GODSEND!. No more manually entering data. The only caveat is no HbA1c, meal items, or activity sections. But, that’s due to the meter, not the software.