Contour One Next Meter backwards upside-down reading

Is it just me or does anyone else think that the Contour Next One meter was designed backwards? Since this meter is not only the most accurate meter on the market but also part of the Dexcom package, more and more people are using this meter. The majority of the world is right-handed as am I. I always grab my meter with my left hand and insert a test strip with my right-hand thumb and forefinger. Then place meter on sink console. When the meter is on the sink console, the test strip faces right so most naturally I do a fingerstick on my right-hand pinky and insert blood into test strip. Meter counts down and voila, I get my BG reading but I get it UPSIDE DOWN. No big deal, of course, because the numbers are big enough that the meter is easy to read upside down or simple enough to just rotate meter.

I know, I know I most probably have way too much time on my hands to worry or even notice such things so was just wondering if others notice that this design usability is less than optimal for most people or maybe was designed by a lefty.

Chime in with your 2 cents

2 cents

It’s right handed

  1. buttons on the right
  2. hold in your left hand and flip it - the writing is upside down

I am left handed - everything is for righties

hatchets - who can tell my why!!
forks - again you can only read writing if flipped while holding in right hand

spoons etc



I haven’t gotten irritated at my Contour Next One yet, probably because with my CGM I don’t use it as much. But I used too with one of my Ultra Touch ones. It always annoyed me by being “upside down”! And numbers could sometimes be read upside down easily too.

I also feel that the Contour Next is “backwards”, being right-handed. I guess they felt it was more important to place the buttons on the right side instead of the strip slot.

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