Cool Gadgets

I’m wondering if anyone has experience with the glucowatch. It sounds wonderful (for the low low price of about $600) – a watch that non-invasively tests your glucose level every ten minutes for up to 13 hours. Unfortunately, it’s not recommended for anyone under age 7. But, if it’s as good as the brochure says, it would show trends and alert to “upcoming” lows etc… If nothing else, I’d like to think of it as a going-away-to-college gift for my daughter (except of course there will be a cure by then!!!). Here’s what I know about the watch:

And while I’m at it what other cool gadgets are out there that you all love? I just learned about the frio thanks to this site: ://

And I found out about cool set “stickers” for pumpers. My daugther LOVES stickers so when we get her on a pump I"m sure this will help:

What else do you recommend, do you find really cool?

Here’s some more info on the glucowatch - never tried it myself.
I’ve never tried it myself but skin irritation is a big problem for some people apparently.

I have heard only disappointing things about the glucowatch. It made me sad because i thought it would be awesome.

I happen to be wearing a camo groovy patch right now. I have been using my arms for my sites lately and my husband thought I might want to dress it up now that it is visible to anyone who looks in my direction. I know that to some they may be a silly expense just to cover up the white adhesive patch, but it makes me feel better for some reason. And I keep joking that since it is in camo, no one can see it.

I havent tried a frio yet but I hear nothing but good things about them.

Dang. Sounds like the glucowatch isn’t there yet. After ready the link Laura sent me to sounds like it costs more like $5500 for a year. Yikes. Maybe if/when it is perfect I’ll consider that…but really by that time, I hope we’ve figured out Stella’s numbers a bit better and perhaps have her on a pump. I’m glad the other two “gadgets” got approval.

I love the Frio wallets. Read a bit about my experience with them on my blog.