Cost Care Savings tool - would this be of help to you?

I’ve never really looked into what my actual costs are for taking care of my health - have you? I found this new tool at Diabetes1 where I blog once in awhile - that allows you to input figures - come up with what you fork out - along with ways to save. I’m going to give it a go after I’ve had my cuppa java - and give it a whirl. Supposedly it takes about 5 minutes to calculate your budget. Also, you don’t have to log in to do this - only if you want to get your personal history and compare your results against others (or that’s what it says at least on the website page).

I love new toys … I’m a cat you know
Click on this link to be whisked away - no catnip required to experience this … Cost Savings Tool

i tried it…i have no insurance
give or take mine was 2,000 dollars a year. I guess i spend almost 1000 on test strips. When i did this thing i sometimes took in account what i receive if a sliding scale is applied to me. Also sometimes i get free test strips whenever i can, or i skip a1cs or even skip my oral medicine or even skip doc appointments (especially the eye doc or dentist)… So still really hard to tell… this is why i’m so confused with my diabetes jeesh, can’t afford to have a good doc.

very expensive disease, this was depressing :frowning:

Domo - I haven’t tried the tool yet (well dabbled as far as I could go) and I’m like you - don’t have insurance like you have in your country. Also, I live in Canada - this website doesn’t apply to folks outside of Canada … yet … they stay they’re going to add Canada later.

That’s true - never thought about the dentist bit. I go every 8 months - and a cleaning alone for my last visit was $180CDN. Luckily my husbands work medical insurance covers that - but if he didn’t have it - well - I might rethink about my pearly whites (wrote a blog about that ).

One thing, there are worse medical aliments out there that people have then just diabetes - and they pay HUGE amounts more then what we pay (check out this article I came across - $10K a month - ouch) - that’s the only way I find I can sometimes handle having diabetes at times when I’m feeling abit depressed about it.

sometimes i just wish i had insurance because then maybe i would have a good paying job! But i agree it could be worse, i’m trying not to get it to that point.