Upgrading to the Vibe - ongoing costs?

I've recently switched jobs and I just got my information about health benefits yesterday. They cover one pump per LIFETIME! It also doesn't cover pump supplies or OneTouch strips. Which is ridiculous. I was looking at upgrading to the Dexcom at some point this year, but now due to teachers' striking for the past month+ of the school year (= reduced or no pay) I don't think I'll be able to afford it (especially since I highly doubt my benefits will cover CGM sensors). Fortunately for me pump supplies and test strips (test strips for sure) have always been covered by the province since I have a disability, so I'm hoping this will still be the case.

Anyway, I started thinking that maybe the Vibe is cheaper than the Dexcom. I like the Dexcom receiver better because it's easier for me to see (everything isn't all cramped together), and I like the idea of having a separate unit because I often sleep through my pump alarming. But I remember talking to an Animas rep at a Friends for Life Canada conference a few years ago where he said the upgrade from the Ping to the Vibe would be about $500. If this is the case, then I wonder if this + the transmitter + sensors might be cheaper than buying a separate Dexcom unit. I want this badly enough that I am willing to scrimp and save. If it only cost $1,000-2,000 then I'd rather "save" my benefits for a real pump upgrade, since it covers 80% (up to $6,600) of the cost of a pump ... but only once.

Has anyone here upgraded from a Ping to a Vibe (using the CGM) and know how much it costs? The other thing I'm wondering about if if the Vibe comes with a connected glucose meter. I think I heard it didn't, and I think that's the other reason I was wanting a separate Dexcom unit. I really like being able to bolus without having to dig my pump out of my pocket.

It's not available in the U.S., so I haven't had a choice. I do agree that the remote bolus is a very convenient thing.

I’m on the Ping with a Dexcom G4. I’ve done a bit of research, because I too was interested in the upgrade.

I decided against it due to the fact that the vibe doesnt have a meter remote like the ping. Also, monthly cost are about the same either way.

Although, I’m not too sure about the cost to upgrade vs. seperate devices. I bet the upgrade from Ping to Vibe is cheaper than purchasing the Dex outright.

Most of us using the Ping in the US will have the option to upgrade to the Vibe for $99 if/when it is ever released in the USA. It’s been at the FDA for over a year and sometimes I wonder if it will ever be released.

I don't understand how some of this stuff works. It's taking you forever to get the Vibe there while it's taken us forever to get the OmniPod and Dexcom (Dexcom only came to Canada last year). Hopefully you get it soon. A $99 upgrade would be fantastic! I tried to call Animas earlier but hung up after being on hold for half an hour. Perhaps I will try again tonight.

The FDA is in the process of approving it for use in the states... and it should be available this year. At least that's what I was told by my CDE.

I think the delay has to do with the fact that the Dexcom technology is not quite up to par with the 'Finger Stick'... its less accurate.

Hence why even the Dexcom G4 is not approved by the FDA for correction bolusing. A finger stick is still required.

But needless to say, I will not be doing the upgrade, I like my meter remote too much, I don't like pulling out my pump unless I really have to.

I’ve read a lot of complaints recently about Animas customer service. Fortunately I haven’t needed them so I’ve had no bad experiences. I assume that you’re dealing with different customer service since you’re in Canada???

This is a great post by a very athletic guy who lives in Newfoundland comparing the Vibe and using the Dexcom receiver/Animas Ping. Some of the reasons that he would continue to use the Ping don’t apply to me and I think the choice will be different for everyone. http://activeanddiabetic.wordpress.com/2014/05/25/animas-vibe-or-dexcom-standalone-receiver/

That's AmeriCanada

Thanks for the link to the Vibe vs. Dex stand alone kit. I was a good comparison of the two set-ups looked at through the lens of a sporting life. I think I'll enjoy using both concurrently once the Vibe comes out. I think the $99 upgrade is only available during the warranty period. My Ping warranty expires in December 2016. Do you think the Vibe will be ready by then??!

Gosh I never thought of that! Mine expires November 2016. If the Vibe is not out by then, there is no chance in h*ll that I will keep using an Animas pump.