Could be interesting: Casting call for a man with type 2

How cool! Good luck, T2 Men.

Wait. I'm T2, I pump Novolog, I'm 57 years old and fairly hands.....nevermind.

Well I AM T2, and I USED to be between 40 and 60, and I USED to use Novo Nordisk insulin . . . does close count? LOL

I qualify, but March is not good. I also can't imagine with millions of people in the US that qualify that they would want to fly someone like me from the east coast, particularly given my penchant for telling them a piece of my mind.

If they send something like that somewhere like Tu, it shows they are cognizant of the D/O/C and looking perhaps to display an enhanced level of engagement with us. I am sometimes suspicious of the motives of pharmaceutical companies acting cool but I enjoyed my photoshoot to be in the April 2011 Diabetes Forecast. You guys should go for it.

please email ASAP if you're interested!!!

if you match the criteria above we'd love to hear your story / see your face. Send us pics / info to

We're flying the right guy from wherever we find him!

I'll take that challenge. I've sent you personal infor via mail my personal tuD msg.

Hi David,

Send an email to ASAP

We'll take close!

Brian, you were the first person that came to my mind when I read this. I think you would be an awesome pick since you have a high knowledge of diabetes management.

Thanks, but I suspect that they are looking for someone a whole lot more attractive than me.

Awe....I think you're cute!!!