Cow appreciation Day

Today is cow appreciation day at Chick-fil-a. I of course celebrate this day by getting my lunch buddies at work together and printing out our cow costumes. Getting dressed in the office (they just put theirs on in the car).

As any diabetic knows and can appreciate is that we are real used to people looking at us funny with our busting needles and bottles out in the middle of meetings, or swimming with our nubbin pump site, or even our pod. So dress like a cow for free food, come on give me something hard to earn this sweet food.

Here is me (still in my cow costume) finally back at work with my sweet free food. How good it tastes. I think the day should just be called, everyone else taste and see what it is like to have people stare at you like diabetics get all the time. How about when we are in the bathroom and someone walks in and you have all your stuff laid out and they stare at you like a heroin addict, that is my favorite. Dress like a cow come on please. Make me read my PDM in daylight now that is hard.

I hope every diabetic goes out and gets their free food today! I know I did and next year we will do it all over again. Dress like a cow, come on easy, how about trying to figure out a bolus for Holloween. Now that is hard. Did I eat 10 miniature snickers or was it 15 miniature snickers and do I count for the twizzlers or did I walk those off. I wonder what those 3 almond joy bars will do to me as well. What is the difference in fun size or miniature size?

someone has to do it!