Diabetes Sucks


July 4th - a time to feel patriotic and have a good time - RIGHT? It seems that the days which are supposed to be fun and filled with family, friends and great food seem to come off kind of depressing.

Diabetes sucks.

Somehow we have to get over that, rise above it and conquer the disease that will define you if you allow it to. I am trying to "get over it"...but 2 steps forward and 10 back seems to be not working.


Somedays it does suck! But no one says you can’t splurge a little and have some fun. I just ate a small piece of apple pie to commemorate the festivites, and later, I might have something else!

Beleive me, I understand how you feel. Somedays there are many steps backwards until theres one forward. I hope your day gets a bit brighter!!!


Hey Dave,

I think it comes and goes in cycles for me. I’ve been riding a funk ride for a bit now, and struggling to pull out of it.

It is sucky, and we do carry a lot of extra weight on our shoulders, but we are also stronger because we do. At times though it gets too heavy and we have to slow down a bit.

Be easy man, things will come back around.

Take care!