Crazy, Crazy Sugars


ughh. I'm not sure if it's what's causing the crazy sugars but I feel so so bad today. my head is pounding every time I move, my stomach is killing me and I feel really sick.

yesterday before breakfast my sugar was 10 - normal for me. after breakfast they suddenly shot up to 19.4 so I did some exercise. by lunch they were down to 10.5. so I ate lunch (14.30), and suddenly at about 16.00 I felt reeally awful. my legs were actually like jelly. so I did ANOTHER test, and they'd gone all the way down to 6.2. that's obviously not that low, but it's the lowest they'd been and I reckon they dropped pretty fast. so I had dinner and that, and by bed they were back up to 10.5. fine.

so today, I woke up at 7.2. hm. bit low for me, but good for my overall target. but this headache had already started. had breakfast, and then met up with my friend for a bit. I felt fairly hungry at 13.00 so I decided to do my sugar, and have a sandwich. took out the test kit, jabbed myself, got some blood, put the test strip in. tried to get the blood in the test strip. now that's harder than usual, when you realise your hands are shaking preeetty hard. finally got the blood on the strip. 5.8. why should I feel so bad at 5.8? that's not LOW! it's NORMAL!

but it is low for me. and why am I dropping so low all of a sudden? until yesterday my sugar was always like 15, and I've only increased my breakfast dose, by 1 unit! well, I guess we'll just see what happens today.