Creative means to raise universal awareness of diabetes

If an animated show (like “Family Guy” or Simpsons") existed about diabetes - what should it be called?

I wouldn’t want a show like that to exist. Diabetes is part of my life but it doesn’t define it, and although it’s always in the back of my mind and does impact my daily life, it’s not all I focus on nor does it impact my life to such an extent that it should be the focus of a TV show. The only way a TV show that focused on diabetes would be welcome is one that focused on the daily life of people with diabetes, but this would be a documentary emphasizing the subject, not a show portraying it as if it’s the only important aspect of an individual. A show that included a realistic portrayal of someone with diabetes would be welcome, though; but a big part of that includes character development that is NOT focused solely on their diabetes.

I feel the same way about the portrayal of blind characters in the media. They are so inaccurate because they focus only on the blindness, as if that’s all there is to a person. That may be true for the adjustment phase if it’s a new disability but it’s hardly true of people who have been blind for years, and I think the same is true of diabetes. The best kind of book or TV show would be one in which you did not even realize the character had diabetes, or wsa blind, except for some tools or devices they used; in other words, the plot would not mention it even once.

At least that’s my opinion. :slight_smile:

Have thought about it myself but couldn’t think of away it could be done without being offensive or trite. I have had a talk with a friend of mine on it dealing more with comic books then a show. I think T-2 might be easier to work into a storyline, think Nick Fury or The Punisher coming down with T-2. Might work since the Govt has found a link between Agent Orange and T-2 and would not be as offensive and stereotypical as saying Frank Dukes(The Blob) coming down with it. For T-1 one of two things just a storyline of a character who has T-1 or to be trite go for the cheesy use of super power drops his/her’s sugar and redoing the super power is kill the character thing.(old Cable)