Tudiabetes Talk show,what do you think

This site is a reference for all diabetics,but not every one has net access.So I suggest to Manny and all of you to think about a TV talk show on weekly basis:
1- who will fund it?
Drug companies will do their adds during breaks
Famous people with diabetes can be approached to donate and help
2-will it be successful?
If produced well and be interesting,not just medical information it will be.
3-who will buy it?
Opra and Dr Phil shows are watched world wide even in villages in poor areas translated to arabic,so a talk show can help the ever spreading epidemic of diabetes
On this site you have amazing personalities,artists,comedians by nature and more…

Sohair is right on. The time is right. I want so much to be the “Dr. Phil” of Diabetes! So please let me know how I can help grow this seed of an idea into reality.


Check out dLife on CNBC and their website dLife.com it is already out there.