Crossfit level i trainer

Passed my Crossfit level I course. I am now a Crossfit level I trainer. I will be doing some pro-bono work in the Vancouver area :) Great experience.

Congrats on the accomplishment! I have just gotten into the Crossfit "thing" myself.. Its amazing.. Do you follow the paleo diet too? I actually was going to post a question about it on this site..

Hi Alison - Yes I have tried it and I really felt great while I was on it. It is pretty hard to follow within the day to day life without planning meals. You really need to pack lunches and snacks or otherwise you get too hungry and cheat. My blood sugar levels were really good while I was doing it. I am going to try again soon. I decent way to ease into it would be to cut all sugar and then only maybe do 1 meal a day with grains a couple times a week. You will notice that introducing grains back into your diet can give you an uneasy stomach. Try it out and see how you feel...Check my site, I will probably do a post on it soon.

HI Alison...I'm doing CrossFit and I am Paleo...I love it..But he's right if you don't plan its very difficult. I feel so much better eating this way.

Congrats Bram on getting CrossFit Level 1 certified....My husband plans on getting his cert.