Current Podders Using a Distributor Other Than Insulet

I just got off the phone with Insulet regarding the transition to the new Gen OmniPod. It seems that those of us who are using outside distributors like Edgepark (who provide the pods to me regularly) may be delayed in the transition compared to those who get their supplies directly from Insulet. Technically I am overdue for a shipment of pods however still have not been contacted by Edgepark. It seems they will have to wait until they get their supply from Insulet. However Edgepark will not be providing the new PDMs. This will need to be requested from the users. I just thought I'd share what I was told today. I still wish they would have catered to existing customers first like they said they were going to.

Thanks! I am awaiting my shipment from Edgepark as we speak and was hoping for, but not expecting, the new pods. It is annoying that new users get priority.

I too use Edgepark. I have had problems on every order I receive from them. My insurer is BCBS of NC and I am stuck with them. Every order requires me to do something, even the once per month stuff. I will follow up on this with Edgepark as you have suggested. Thank you for the heads up.

Thank you for the heads up, Stacey. Back when the New Gen was approved I spoke with customer service at Edgepark and they seem to have no clue and said they have not heard anything about when they will be available. Checked back about a month later and got the same response.... not promising

That seems odd on the PDM, as it is required for the new pods from what I understand. Gotta love oblivious companies...

I thought it was strange getting the parts from different places too. But that actually happened when I first got the OmniPod. PDM came from Insulet and pods from Edgepark. And of course not on the same day ;)

As another Edgepark user, thank you for the information. My husband is getting ready to order his next batch and we were hoping for the new ones as well. He got both the pods and PDM from Edgepark in December, though.

My question is... has anyone ordered their pods through Medco Mail Order? I have United Healthcare for insurance and I have ordered through Edgepark previously because my deductible was met. It is deductible time again and time to order another supply of pods as well as testing strips and all that goes with the order. Is it better to order from Edgepark and or Medco mail order??

I use Liberty Medical, who have been awesome with their service, and I too am expecting a problem getting the new pods.

We have Express Scripts (Medco) for prescriptions but our testing and pod supplies com from CCS Medical. It is on a automatic renewal every 3 months. We have had no problems with them at all.
We also use Edgepark for all my mom's supplies (for another health condition) and we have never had issues with them either. Ordering supplies is easy by both phone and online ordering and shipment is pretty quick esp if you need it asap.

Update: I spoke with Edgepark this morning who informed me they DO have the new pods in stock! However they won't send them to you unless you have the new PDM. Which is supposed to come from Insulet (for me) since it's still in warranty. Now on the phone with them to see if this will work out. Fingers crossed.

Kelly - I have United Healthcare, and my Rx deductible is much lower than my medical deductible ($750 vs $2000). I order through Medco/Express scripts so that it falls under the Rx deductible. I think the quarterly co-pay may be less too - once I meet the deductible, it's only $200/quarter. The Freestyle test strips use this same deductible too.

What did you find out from Insulet?

Birdy, after a few phone calls getting conflicting stories from both Insulet and Edgepark, I got them on the phone together and basically if you recieved your original PDM from Insulet they will provide the new one. If you received your original PDM from Edgepark, they will provide the new one. In my case I received the PDM from Insulet so they will be sending me the new one. But not until possibly April. Once I get that from them, I can then request a shipment of the new pods from Edgepark. Phew.

Good for you for nailing them down!

I'm in the same boat - PDM came from Insulet, so I would appreciate updates. It sounds like it's not something you can request, that Insulet sends out the new one when they get to you?

I am getting the pods from Medco/Express Scripts, so that part may be different, but do YOU have the authority to call them and say you have the new PDM? No different Rx from the doc?

I posted in another thread Edgepark told me on the 12th they had PDMs since March but not the pods until April but I too will say I did get conflicting info at first but what I gather, April is when the existing users will be getting their pods and PDM.I was tied an hr speaking with a total of four reps. 2 reps said the same info the other two were conflicting.